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Photo A Day: Week 1

Yep I’m about to embark on one of those semi-lame/semi-cool, photo a day projects for an entire year, that’s 365 days people. If anything, I figure it’d be a good way to get back to my photographic roots, believe it or not, I have an art degree in this stuff. So, here it is, the first 7 days, don’t worry it will get better. Expect an update every Saturday.

P.S. I apologize in advance for some repeats, it won’t happen again, and in the future, there won’t be so much Finn, I promise, seriously.

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  • ataleoftwosippies January 11, 2010

    finn is so cute! and big! im doing the same, lame 365 thing too. i might have to steal your idea and do one weekly post, especially considering that i havent posted a single photo yet.

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