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Polaroid Memories & Guest Book

Today I wanted to share how we share and save memories at the cabin. In addition to a guest book we have also started filling a bowl full of polaroid photos. Remember polaroids? They went extinct in the early oughts but have been recently brought back to life by The Impossible project! Shortly before digital photography became the norm, I received my bachelor's degree in fine arts and my major was photography. Everything I learned and was taught to me in the analog style. I used a light meter, took photos with a 4x5 large format camera and a cape, and photos and film were developed in a dark room. I love the spontaneity of a moment captured, there is something so fascinating about the artifact of light and chemistry as a representation of a moment in time.. READ MORE
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Alright pals - as promised here it is, Part 2 of my photography posts. If you missed it, you can find Part 1 right here where I cover tips for setting up and styling the shot. Okay, onward! Today I'll be sharing my photoshop techniques. This is where the photo really comes to life. Before we dive into that, let's talk about a few quick things. I thought I should probably share a little READ MORE
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Last July, my internet pal, Dana over at House*Tweaking sent me an e-mail asking for some tips on taking interior photographs. First of all let me say, I don't think she be needing any tips, but because she asked I obliged and let her know a few of the simple rules I follow. She followed up thanking me for the info and encouraging me write a blog post, and I said "yeah, good idea, I should do that READ MORE
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Okay, so, I'm kind of a snob when it comes to having photos printed. I can't just fall for any run of the mill drug store print lab, I need the real deal! I need to know that chemistry was used to make these memories 2D! It's a weird bastardization of digital phone photography and quality archival photographic prints, I know, and I get it. I can't help but loving a real photo though. They feel READ MORE
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Taking Stock

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life and interests over the last 10+ years. In art school I used to take photos of people in their bedrooms, it’s kind of strange in retrospect. I was 20 and awkwardly taking photos of a lot of middle aged couples in their bedroom with my clunky and obnoxious 4×5 camera. Hunkering down in their closets or bathrooms with towels stuffed up against READ MORE
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