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2009 Holiday Wrap-Up.

Table Arrangement
Alright, here it is, the entire month of December wrapped up in one tidy blog post. Let’s start at the very beginning, FRIEND FEAST 09′. Believe it or not, Friend Feast starts with planning in late October, it’s all a balancing act, who’s sitting where?, what friend is bringing what meal?, do we have too many potatoes? Answer: Never. Truth: I DID IT.

The Dining Room, Set for Feasting
Jeff was a hero with helping me transform the living room into our feasting lair, but with much rearrangement and a few beers we accomplished a very hard task.

Friend Feast Tables
Multiple vantage points.

The Turkey covered in Butter and Herbs
I talked a lot about this Turkey in previous blog posts. If you are unfamiliar I have never roasted a bird before Thanksgiving 09′. My first Turkey was delicious so I try to do the impossible and recreate it on a much bigger scale for FF.

It's A Turkey
Hell Yeah! Success.

Baked Brie
Matt and Friends put together the rest of the meal. Seen here, Matt’s amazing Friend Feast baked brie. He also makes, gravy, potatoes, way too many mushrooms, and of course, the main event, beef tenderloin grilled to perfection.

My Plate
My plate, filled to the brim.

Dining Table
Party people!

The After Party
The party raged on and on like usual, with multiple liquor store trips and crazy horseradish vodka drink concoctions. This is what I awoke to int he AM.

Finn Sits, for a second.
Onward, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Finn sits for a split second. I snap a photo in front of our tree.

All of the presents wrapped up. I LOVE/HATE wrapping presents. I love making them beautiful, I hate wrapping for hours. Notice the handmade tags, looking good.

Finn & Dad
Christmas Day snowstorm 09′. We introduce Finn to wet chunky snow and a sled, he is not impressed.

Finn Hates Snow
Snow hurts sometimes.

New Year's Eve.
Flashforward: New Year’s Eve. The party friends are over again to toast to another new year. Finn wakes up for the countdown, drinks are drank.

Crocheted eye Patch
We end the night with only one fatality, Beak accidentally stabs himself in the eye. Scoops to the rescue to crochet up an impromptu eyepatch.

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