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Chairs Before Chairs After
My Dining Chairs Recoverd! Before & After.

The New Fabric
Colzoz and I head over to our favorite fabric store, Crafty Planet, on Saturday night and end up buying yards and yards of fabric. This is what I chose to recover our six dining room table chairs with. I’ve been putting off recovering the chairs because for some reason I have myself convinced it will be really, really hard.

The Tools
These are the tools I arm myself with. A Phillips head screwdriver, a small hammer, and of course this bad ass staple gun.

Taking off the cushions
First step, Take off the cushions. Second step, recover with new fabric. Easy Peasy Japaneseey.

*It should be noted that I accomplish this task while babysitting Elsa and hanging out with a jealous Finn dude.

My Little Helper
Finn of course is my helper, and learns how to use a hammer, a screwdriver and dreams about the day he can be big enough to operate a stape gun.

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