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Deuce Cities Henhouse

I began looking for replacement slipcovers around the new year. I did lots of research, and after ordering some samples, I decided that Comfort Works as the brand that had what I needed. A huge reason I choose Comofort Works instead of other slip cover manufacturers is because of the durability of the fabric used. In doing my research I found this youtube vid, and I was so impressed by how the fabric repels liquids. As soon as I got my fabric samples I started dumping coffee and cocktails all over them to see how they held up. I was so incredibly stoked to see how well they did. I was actually using the samples as a party trick, impressing well imbibed cabin guests with “magic”, showing them how well the samples repelled stains... READ MORE
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Corner Shelves!

Twelve years ago on a cold November night I lay slumbering peacefully in my twin bed in my tiny college bedroom (Jeff may have been there too, but don’t tell my folks). I had decorated my room after seeing an episode of Trading Spaces wherein Doug painted a room a shade of blue that was nearly grey and hung glass icicles around the top of a four-poster bed. Side note – I tried to Google a READ MORE
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Who doesn't like an excuse to look at gratuitous photos of pretty nightstands? Good, glad I'm not alone. It goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway. I wasn't going to take the time to make our bedroom all pretty without doing something about the bed side tables. We were getting new nightstands. Of course this girls working within a budget, so the world is not my oyster. It is in READ MORE
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Hiding the Bedroom TV

Remember back when I was debating moving the bed a few weeks ago? I'm sure you guys are just on the edge of your seat waiting to see what we decided to do. Well, after living with it for a few weeks we decided to go ahead and move the bed to the wallpapered wall. You guys were right, I really love it this way. There were pros and cons for moving the bed, one of the biggest cons was where to READ MORE
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New Chair!

Don't pay any attention to that dusty old radiator back there, I'll take care of that later. Look instead at my new chair! After scouring craigslist for the last few weeks I finally found a Bertoia Diamond chair for the corner of our bedroom. I had my heart set on one for this space in the corner for-like-ever. You just have to imagine the chair sitting in this corner with new beautiful corner READ MORE
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