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New Chair!

Bertoia Diamond Chair
Don’t pay any attention to that dusty old radiator back there, I’ll take care of that later. Look instead at my new chair! After scouring craigslist for the last few weeks I finally found a Bertoia Diamond chair for the corner of our bedroom. I had my heart set on one for this space in the corner for-like-ever. You just have to imagine the chair sitting in this corner with new beautiful corner shelves and lots of books hanging out behind it. It will be the best.

The only thing is, I kinda wish it was white. I’m considering giving it a spray paint job, but don’t know if I have the guts to pull it off. Would it be such a sin to do this to this 1953 chair? I dunno. There is also the option of paying a buttload of money to have it sandblasted and powder coated. Also sounds like a pain. What would you do?

Bertoia Diamond Chair
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  • Deb October 28, 2014

    Great Find! Black is great, plus, it looks to be in perfect condition. The white would blend too much, let is shine!

    • Kelly October 30, 2014

      I agree! At least live with it for awhile after the corner is complete. I think the black will look amazing in a corner filled with books.

  • Erin October 28, 2014

    So jealous! It looks amazing. I would definitely leave it black :)

  • Kris October 28, 2014

    Love the black chair! Live with it for awhile-you can always change it in the future.

  • cLAIRE October 28, 2014

    I like the black! It would be a crime to spray-paint it.

  • Nikki@ProjectHome October 28, 2014

    I love it! It’s beautiful black, or white.

  • Celene Berman October 28, 2014

    Black is the new black! Making your soup for lunch today…so excited to try!!!

    • Scoops October 29, 2014

      Yes! I made it for dinner last night! Even better the second time around. I love this soup.

  • Cam October 28, 2014

    I’m glad you didn’t get kidnapped getting this chair.

  • Stacey October 28, 2014

    Live with the black until you finish the room, don’t want to jump into a color and regret it later on.

  • Rachel October 28, 2014

    What a great find! I think it looks perfect black, and agree with others that it would blend into the walls too much if it were white. If the contrast is too much for you, perhaps a bigger white throw or cushion could help tone it down a bit.

  • emily @ go haus go October 28, 2014

    Awesome find! Did you use sneak keywords or did you just search for Bertoia chair?

    • Scoops October 29, 2014

      I just searched for ‘Bertoia’, but I looked all around the state within 100 miles of where I live. I found it about 40 minutes from here. I didn’t get it for a major steal or anything, but I talked the guy down 75 bucks and got it for $275, I felt okay about that. There hadn’t been much of anything to show up over the last few months and I didn’t want to risk losing it.

  • Sarah October 28, 2014

    Love it! And as others have suggested, I would wait to complete the room before deciding on a color change for the chair. Oh and my neighbors have four of these babies sitting in their backyard, unused and slowly rusting. I’ve told them several times they are original Bertoia! Kills me every time I look into their yard. Now I need to muster up the courage to ask if they’d be willing to sell them to me!! Or at least let me put a tarp over them…

    • Scoops October 29, 2014

      Oh man, diss. That’s harsh. This is the exact environment I got these from. The guy found him in his old farm house and was using them as porch chairs. Thankfully he had a few to choose from, and I of course picked the one with the least amount of rust and broken welds.

  • Daniel | Manhattan Nest October 28, 2014

    Oh, I love the black! Especially in a white room. I have a few bertoias and I always want to spray paint them black, haha. Let’s trade!

    But if you want white, just do it! Spray paint does well on these. Not worth powder coating in my opinion, but I’ve seen it done and it IS beautiful. It looks like there are a few rusty bits maybe anyway (?) so don’t sweat it. It’s your chair!

    • Scoops October 29, 2014

      Ha! Your white chair is what makes me want a white chair. We should just trade ;) There is a very small amount of rust, I haven’t even cleaned this one up yet, so I think by the time it’s all said and done the rust will be barely noticeable. This one is in pretty great condition paint wise for being so old. I think you guys have convinced me to leave it for now.

  • Diane from Boston October 28, 2014

    Black black black black black! Leave it!

  • vanessa October 28, 2014

    Cute chair – in any color. Is it comfy?

    • Scoops October 29, 2014

      Super comfy actually – I have the regular Bertoia non-arm chair too, and it is not as comfy as this. If you lean back in this it hugs your bod in all the right spots.

  • Tina Batori October 29, 2014

    I agree with the “keep it black” group — it makes such a graphic statement! Great find.

  • Scoops October 29, 2014

    Okay guys! You’ve convinced me, black it is. I’ll at least live with it for a long while before I consider the white again. You guys rule for letting me know what you think! I was honestly going back in forth – I’ll at least keep it black until next spray painting season comes around ;)

  • Melissa October 29, 2014

    Yowza girlfriend, don’t paint it! At least don’t paint it white, you would loose all of the geometric contrast as it would blend with your white wall. The black is awesome. Great score.

  • Belinda October 30, 2014

    Black! Black! Blaaaaack!!!

  • Jennifer @ Brave New Home November 4, 2014

    What a find! I think this is one of those pieces that would take to spray painting real well so even if you went white (which would be my gut instinct, too) you could go back to black somewhat easily.

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