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Easy Closet Clean Up, Wallpaper shelves and paint for a fresh look
Sometimes the best things in life are free, blah blah blah. Whatever, I couldn’t think of a cool intro. You’ll just have to tolerate my lame catch phrase. Sorry people.

I’ve been spending tons of time making our bedroom nice, I’ve got lots to share with you guys in the coming weeks. First things first though. I couldn’t live with my mess of a closet any longer. It was one of those things where it stayed tidy for awhile and then just spiraled out of control. When friends or family came stopped by for a visit I’d find myself jamming everything into the closet and trying to shove the door closed. It was bad. We don’t have a fancy big closet or anything, just a small semi-walk-in closet that is tucked in under the eves of the house. It runs the depth of our room, 10 feet or so and is relatively functional for the size. We have space for foldables and hangables and the closet even hides a ladder to access our attic. We don’t have tons of clothes or anything, and it has worked perfectly for us (except for when it’s a mess).

Here is my closet the last time I cleaned it out (you might notice that was nearly 3 years ago), not too much is different then how it sits today. I had previously lined the shelves with leftover wallpaper from the music room and painted the walls black. Yes, I was trying to be all cool and stuff, but I should’ve known better than to paint a small closet black, we can’t all make good choices all of the time. I took everything out of the closet, painted it white and repapered the shelves in the leftover hygge & west wallpaper that I used on the far wall in our bedroom. Then I purged like nobodies business donating nearly four bags of clothes. Next I organized all the hangers, wooden for Jeff, white plastic for me (cause I’m classy like that) and then I refolded and rehung everything! It’s so great now. Getting dressed is kind of fun, I feel like I have access to all these clothes that had gone missing for months, because that is actually what did happen. Hands down cleaning this mess of a closet has changed the overall feel of the bedroom.

Easy Closet Clean Up, Wallpaper shelves and paint for a fresh look
Okay so I lied, this wasn’t free. I bought a task lamp for $19.99 so that I could see in the morning when I was getting dressed. If you haven’t noticed it’s pitch black at 6am. I couldn’t resist buying another ranarp (I’m addicted) and grabbed the cool clamp-hang-it-anywhere version.

Easy Closet Clean Up, Wallpaper shelves and paint for a fresh look
Oh yeah, I posted a photo of my closet clean up on my instagram and a few of you were very curious about my knock-off walnut style Eames hang-it-all. I bought it on super sale on one of those fad-flash-sale-sites a few years ago. You can still find it at walmart though, so there is that.

Easy Closet Clean Up, Wallpaper shelves and paint for a fresh look

Easy Closet Clean Up, Wallpaper shelves and paint for a fresh look
Anyway, long story short, I cleaned my closet and everything feels way better now. I highly recommend you try the same. Best makeover money can buy.

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  • Tina Batori November 1, 2014

    I agree, cleaning the closet is the easiest bang for your buck in home organizing. I just did mine again as my folded stuff (t-shirts and sweaters) had gotten completely out of control. My OCD part makes me (lets me?) put my folded stuff in color groupings: green/blue, pink/red/purple, neutrals including black, and white/patterned. So easy now that I’ve sent a couple bags worth to the consignment shop!

  • Allison November 4, 2014

    Woaaa woa what? Walmart sells the Hang-it-all?! BIG NEWS TO ME.

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