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Wrap-around Fauxdenza?

Plans for a wrap around fauxdenza and wallpaper
Okay guys, so if you didn’t know this about me, I love surprises but I totally suck at keeping secrets. I thought I was going to be some sort of awesome blogger and build suspense around this whole wallpaper thing, but who am I kidding. I’m too excited about it to keep it a secret. So if you couldn’t tell by the image above, we decided to go with the Rifle Paper Copper Peonies wallpaper, yes it’s totally not like my usual steeze, but man, I can’t stop thinking about. Not gonna lie, I went back and forth, it was actually a really hard decision and took me and Waffledoppledingdangdo (aka Jeff, my husband) and I a lot of focused brain power to come to a decision. Eventually it started to seem more and more apparent that the rifle paper was the one, even though it’s totally unlike us to go this route. We are excited to see it up on the walls. Can’t thank you dudez enough for your feedback on wallpapers. It was all a lot of information to consider but def helped steer us (me) in the right direction. I’m still going to hold on to the Woods wallpaper though, maybe we’ll use it in the basement renovation going down early next year.

Okay, can I stop for just a second? I’m going to take a minute to mention that it is only the 2nd week of the school year and the whole fam is already coming down with really dumb colds. My brain is about a million miles away from my actual skull space, so sorry if sound totally looney in this post. I blame the cold medicine.

Alright, so now that I got that PSA out the way, lets talk about my other plan. Since our bedroom is divided into two sections, the bed/sleeping area and the dressing/changing area, I thought it would be best to utilize the space as efficiently as possible on the sleeping side. The space isn’t huge and having floor space to move around the bed is essential. Narrow floating furniture would really allow for storage without overpowering the space. After much brainstorming I started to consider adding a fauxdenza to the corner of the room similar to what I did last spring in the sunroom, (which is located directly off of our bedroom, FYI).

Anyway, I like the idea of a crisp white modern piece of furniture juxtaposing (yeah, I went to art school, we say that stuff there) itself against the new beautiful modern-grandma-chic wallpaper. Our plan would be to finish the top of the fauxdenza with lightly stained wood, just like we did in the sunroom and then arrange a collection of white ceramic pieces, plants and other such business. Also, did you happen to notice that I left a space without doors in the middle of the cabinets? That space would be for shelving and books. We really liked having our books around us in the bedroom before (see here) but we didn’t need to have all the books out on display. Maybe we’d just have a few of our favorites hanging out in this area being all pretty and styled and shiz.

My major beef with this plan is that I’m afraid of it reading as an explosion of low hanging swedish kitchen cabinetry. I am super afraid that my new adult bedroom would look cheap. I really want it to look fresh and minimal-ish, and clean, and grown up. I’m just not certain the fauxdenza is the best way to achieve this, although for now I am really liking the idea of it. I’m going to let it simmer for awhile, I dunno what do you think? Can I pull off having a piece of “furniture” like this in my bedroom?

Guys! If you guys ever need to plan a kitchen or a fauxdenza, you gotta try the Ikea kitchen planner tool. It is one of my favorite things on the interwebz, I only wish they had it available to use with all Ikea pieces. That would be awesome. It gives you a parts list and everything, all you have to do is go to the store, give yer list to the ikea kitchen guys and they’ll send the order down to the stock room. So tyte.

Plans for a wrap around fauxdenza
Here’s the fauxdenza from a few more angles. The top view is looking in from the hallway door, the bottom view is looking in from the sunrooom. Please let me know if this is a crazy cool idea or just a crazy dumb idea, you guys.

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  • Ginger September 9, 2014

    I think it’s a pretty dang awesome idea, but if you’re worried about it looking too kitcheny, you can wrap the sides of the cabinet banks with the same wood as your top, like this one: http://www.housetweaking.com/2013/01/15/diy-fauxdenza/

    • Scoops September 9, 2014

      Such a good idea, I haven’t thought of that for this space. I think that would look super great! Thanks, Ginger. Glad you are feeling this concept :)

  • Colleen N September 9, 2014

    Love the wallpaper, knew you’d choose it. knew! Mod fauxdenza all the way… have you thought about putting it only on one wall? (the wallpaper one) it would read more like a furniture piece than a built-in? could you make it taller? again more furniture-ey. love the all white idea, the juxtaposition of old and new is your friend, my friend!

    • Scoops September 9, 2014

      Thanks Colleen! I was actually leaning towards the woods wallpaper after the rational side of my brain took over and then the “eff it” side of it took control and it totally won out. I have thought about putting the fauxdenza on one wall, and still will consider it, however the husband and I have a love affair with our TV and like to have it on the wall that is not wallpapered, thus the wrap around idea. I was thinking the TV could hang out on top of the TV on that site of the ‘denza and then we could have the prettier stuff on the wallpapered side. Still thinking it through of course. I totally think it would look very awesome if the cabinets just floated on that wall all by themselves too. Thank you for your input!

    • Scoops September 9, 2014

      ALSO, I know, I gotta figure out the height. I think I want it to match the height of the fauxdenza in the sunroom, that way everything will be on the same visual plane BUT I don’t want the fauxdenza to be so low that it doesn’t stand out against the height of the bed. I need to start taping off pretend fauxdenzas in my room and taking measurements on possible bed heights. Good point!

  • Jessica September 9, 2014

    Hellz yes to the wallpaper and extra hellz yes to the faudenza! Gingers suggestion is perfect and would really add some visual weight to the piece and make it look more expensive. That wallpaper will give you good dreams I think…

    • Scoops September 9, 2014

      Yes! So glad you guys are into this wallpaper idea! I agree, Ginger has a great suggestion and I think I will most likely follow through on that. Still just mulling it all over right now, but I really, really like that idea. I hope that wallpaper gives me good dream ;)

  • AnnMarie September 9, 2014

    I think a corner fauxdenza with wood sides and top sound pretty darn fantastic. It sounds like a practical, (relatively) low-cost, attractive option for what you want in your bedroom. I really liked the look of your bookcases against that wall, and it’s probably way more efficient than leaving it bare.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      Hey Annmarie! That’s what attracted to it, functional, pretty, and low cost. You guys have given me so much feedback that I think I’m really going have to take some time and think my next move through.

  • Vanessa September 9, 2014

    Yay, my wallpaper choice won! Can’t wait to see it. I can go either way on the extra storage. Space to move around in is nice too, plus it’s cheap.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      Exactly what I was thinking, Vanessa. I still have to weigh all of the options and see if cheap really is best, but I do like the idea.

  • caroline [the diy nurse] September 10, 2014

    I love it! Can never have enough fauxdenza! I think itll turn out fine- maybe add some high end gold sconces over your bed or something else classy to push it further in that direction.

    What do you plan on doing for the corner where theres a break in the fauxdenza? Also- my chromebook now recognizes the word. What does that tell ya?!

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      Totally, Caroline! I had some brace sconces already in mind, or maybe I’ll even search for something in copper, but metallic for sure.

      The corner wasn’t illustrated super well, I’m going to add some photos below to better illustrate the idea I had going.

  • Dawn fp September 10, 2014

    So glad you chose that gorg wallpaper! But I have to be the dissenter here & weigh in against the fauxdenza. It seems like the default option. I get that you need something that will fit snugly in there but you have other choices. What about doing some sort of backless built-ins so the wallpaper would peek through? I know that built-ins or searching for just the right awesome furniture is more time consuming, but you may as well do something you’re gonna love.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      Hey Dawn, Thanks so much for your feedback. You are right, maybe I am not thinking of all of my options. I do have a limited budget so that really plays into how extensive I can get in the space but that doesn’t mean I need to do a fauxdenza just because it is affordable and hides all my books, there might be another option. I think I’m going to go ahead and wallpaper in the coming weeks and then really try and figure out what I want in that space. Thank You!

  • Tina Batori September 11, 2014

    Fauxdenza is a GREAT idea. I know that, with the way you style things, it’s surely won’t look cheap, but will be minimalist, stylish, and most importantly, USEFUL.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      I do think I could make it look pretty, I really need to think it through make sure it ends up looking fancier than Ikea. I do like the fact that it would be so useful!

  • Shelly September 11, 2014

    Yay! Love you picked that paper! This is the kind of crazy I am, how difficult was installing the one in the sunroom? Possible to move into your bedroom for the sake of seeing what it will look like in real life then move it back? I always end up doing stuff like that where I make more work for myself to see the whole thing in person! Excited to see your room come together:)

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      So glad I picked the right paper, seems like everyone is on board with this idea, excellent! Good idea on trying on what I already have, but it would be way difficult, that’s why I photoshop ;). I always like to make sure it really works before I commit too :)

  • Jessica September 11, 2014

    I love that you chose the peony! Can’t wait to see how it looks! I’d love to see you do something warmer and taller next to the bed. I love the fauxdenza in the sunroom, but it really recedes nicely in there. Here I worry it will look a bit institutional.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      You stopped me in my tracks at the word ‘Institutional’ Jessica. At first I was all like, “as if” and then I thought about it and now all I can see is labor and delivery hospital rooms. I still think I could make this pretty and functional, but I am no longer sold. I’m going to stew on it for a bit. I’m also going to add a newer mock-up below, maybe this will help to make it look more built in. Still, I’m going to wait it out until I really know what to do. Thank you!

  • kandy September 12, 2014

    Love the wallpaper and I think the fauxdenza looks great. I’m wondering though if you could leave off the far right cabinet on the wallpaper wall and have a large plant there or chair. The small gap (and it may just be the perspective of the view) looks a little odd.

    • Scoops September 12, 2014

      Hey Kandy, Thanks for the feedback. I agree my mock-up didn’t really truly illustrate what I was going for. I’m going to add a more complete version of it below. Thanks!

  • Scoops September 12, 2014

    Hey Guys! Thank you so much for all your feedback. Now I’ve changed my idea a bit. I’m basically starting back at square one, trying to consider anything and everything. In doing so, I wondered if maybe adding floating white shelves would make the whole thing look more built in. I also added a top to it, so you guys could see what it would look like without the weird gaps.

    I am also considering possibly painting this piece white (an old ikea cabinet) and putting it over on that far wall.

    I’ll still wait it out and see if I come up with any better ideas in the coming weeks. Thanks everyone for all your help!

    • Krista September 25, 2014

      I say no wrap around – faudenza at wall paper wall only and a free standing piece for the tv OR put the tv on some kind of wall mounted arm that let’s it swing out so you can see it from your bed.
      Definitely top the faudenza with wood.
      Love the wallpaper!

      • Scoops September 26, 2014

        Thanks so much for the suggestions Krista! I will def be considering them over the next few weeks/months.

  • Shannon September 20, 2014

    I’m in love with Rifle Paper Company so obviously putting their gorgeous art all over a wall sounds like heaven. Very neat how you’ve mocked that up with the IKEA cabinets to get a preview.

    Although it looks really functional, I think I’ll join in the no-fauxdenza camp. It seems that you haven’t settled into the idea because it’s not quite the right thing. I find myself doing that all the time and if I wait usually the right idea settles in eventually!

    What about putting in open shelving 12-18″ down from the ceiling around the room (or just part of it)? We did this in the office nook in our bedroom and it surprisingly opened up our space and provided mega storage for our books and filing. Even though things are in the open, they are up high so don’t take up as much prime visual real estate. IKEA has great solid wood shelves and brackets that are not too expensive.

    Hope you find the right thing! Keep us posted :)

    • Shannon September 20, 2014

      Here’s an image of what I was trying to describe:

    • Scoops September 26, 2014

      Thanks for the advice Shannon! As of right now I have decided to just wait it out. You are right, there is probably a better solution. I’m going to go ahead with ordering a bed as well, that way I can see how the space functions with furniture in it. I like the idea of wall shelving for books, that might work great on the other half of the room.

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