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A few posts ago I told you how I made some super delicious cupcakes for my lady Valeria’s baby shower. Now that the shower is over it is safe for me to share with you the baby sling that I made for her.

I had a ton of fabric left over from when I made Elsa’s crib bumpers and the fabric is just too pretty to not use again so I resurrected the Pop Daisy fabric out of my fabric box and got to it.

First thing’s first.

I cut two 53 inch x 23 inch pieces of fabric and placed them face to face.

You can measure to fit the Mom you are making this for so your fabric sizes may vary in length. The width of your fabric will determine how deep your sling is. Adjust as you see fit.

I then sewed along three of the edges to make a sort of super long pillow case. Leaving one of the short sides open.

Once I turned this pillowcase right side out, I ironed it. Then, you’ll want to take a look at the end that you left open and turn about a 1/2 inch inside to finish off the edge real nice. Take your iron to it as a nice crease will make the fabric stay folded. Now, take the opposite end and put it inside the open end. (see above) Stick some pins in here to hold the two ends together. You should now have a tube of fabric. Bring this tuber over to your sewing machine and stitch about a 1/4 inch in from the edge.

Are you still with me? Good. Let’s continue, shall we?

Once you have stitched one pass, line your presser foot up with the stitch you just made and put a second line of stitches in. Once you have this done you will be good to start hauling your babe around.

Sling Bear
When your baby is tiny, you can take her around like this. My baby is not tiny anymore. This bear was kind enough to demonstrate what a tiny baby might look like in this sling.

elsa slung
When your baby gets bigger than that bear, you can tote her around in this sling like this.

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  • Scoops March 1, 2010

    Colz, this turned out real good.
    Way to sew lady.

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