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Hello Internet, it’s been awhile.
I thought I’d show you some photos of our new place. It’s coming along very slowly because with a 20 month old, part-time grad school for Jeff and 2 full time jobs it can’t come along much faster than that. Here’s a very quick tour of what we’ve been up to. And if anyone is interested you can check out what our house looked like before we bought it over at this post “Future House: Internet Tour.

So, this is our new living room, we finally hung some stuff on our walls just a few days ago. It feels much better now. Also you may have noticed that we took our blue walls with us.

Dining Room
This is our dining room. It is turning into a pretty cool place to chill. Soon we will have to buy a new chandelier because the one we inherited is meant for old ladies. We have been trying out some paint colors which has been a confusing process for us. Somehow the dining room is like a color vortex and can shift light greys into light violets. I don’t get it at all.

Ahh the Kitchen… Me and this kitchen are slowly starting to become friends. I still can’t stand the copper back splash but I can live with it for now. Notice how the faucet is in copper camoflauge mode.

Waff's Watering Whole
I think it is safe to say that out of all the rooms in the house “Waff’s Watering Whole” (aka WWW aka W3 aka the bar hang out zone in the basement) has surprisingly had the most use. The mirrors (not pictured) and bright white lights are great for cocaine and parties (jk about the cocaine part). At WWW it is easy to forget what time is and parties last longer than they should. Our new couch from ikea turns into a bed, and is totally perfect for watching endless Comcast On-Demand documentaries. Love this place!

Craft Zone Craft Zone
This is my new craft zone which has made its home next to the furnace and water heater. Not glamorous, but I don’t care though, I love it anyways. So far Jeff is convinced that any time he sees anything in the house that looks like something I might use that it just gets tossed into my craft zone. That is good for him, but not so much for me. As you can see I have a lot to sort through still.

Finn's Room Yucky Orange
I thought orange in Finn’s room would be a really great idea, but it turns out it is not such a great idea. Whadda ya know? When you stand in here your skin picks up an orange hue. Not cool. We just bought a gallon of “asparagus” green so I will let you know how we feel about that color in upcoming posts.

This is our bedroom. I never thought I would love faux-marbled ceiling fan blades so much. We have a long way to go in this room but at least we are getting a good night’s sleep out of the deal..

This is the other end of the bedroom. Matt’s painting fits in perfectly.

Adult Patio
And let’s not forget the best room in all of the house: the four season “adult patio.” that sits right off of our bedroom. A perfect place to sip beers any night of the year. So far we have neglected what we’re certain will become our favorite room. Soon we will make it awesome, I’ve got big ideas.

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