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Long time no see people! Don’t worry, we’ve got some good good things in the works here. You’ll see, soon.
We got the kiddos together for the 4th of July to celebrate the freedom and the independence and the fireworks. Aaron took about one billion photos of Finn & Elsa. Here are a few of my faves from the day.
the Gang - 7/4/10
Here’s the gang on the way to the park. Finn found Elsa’s dolly stroller a handy means of transport for Pooh Bear and his Geegee. How else would you get them to the park?

Finn & Elsa in the pool
It was a HOT day in MPLS on the 4th. A quick dip in the pool was mandatory for these two.

Elsa @ Park

Elsa is still pretty apprehensive around the big toys at the park. She would rather sit in the sand than swing or go on the slide. Here she is hanging on to one of those handles that slides from a point ‘A’ to a point ‘B’. She wasn’t too impressed but baby steps, you know?

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