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Mexico or Bust
Sorry for the lack of posts, I happened to be on vacation with my dear friends Beak & Cam (click here for Beak’s version of the story.) plus my husband, the one and only Waff Allen.

We were just taking a minute to do some chillaxin’ in old Cancun, Meh-hee-co.

Cam, Beak, and Waff
This is the crew getting ready for some beach times. It was the off-season and I’m pretty sure we were the only vacationers in Cancun. Lucky us, we got our pick of the beach chairs.

This was a cool thing that was happening
Cam is the BAWSE of Cribbage, borders don’t fence her in. She can kick my butt all over this world.

*Please take note of these Strawberry Margs; they were the official drink of our mexico vacation. I’m pretty sure we spent hundreds of dollars on them.

This was good
Island beach brews, does it get any better?

We had to sample all the flavors
And what do you know, we ended up having our fair share of every style of beer in the city. WINNERS!

Now back to craft/mom land.

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