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The Excelsior Press
I have to tell you how excited I am! Two weekends ago on my way up to our annual cabin adventure weekend at Matt’s folks place in Cross Lake, we stopped in Saint Cloud and met a guy in a parking lot between a thrift store and a bar and picked up this new friend—a Kelsey letterpress! I know, I have never even touched a letterpress, but for some reason I felt like it was calling to me: “Yo Scoops! I’m up here in Shots Cloud, come and get me!”

Change Jar!
Jeff was not super into the idea of me paying a bunch of money for a press that I knew nothing about (rightfully so) so I did a little finagling and added up all my tips floating around my backpack and all of my change sitting around my house and came up with the amount I needed. If you were to use my logic this was really like getting a press for free so therefore the risk involved is minimal, obviously.

My New Letterpress
So here it is. I bought a Kelsey Excelsior Letterpress 5×8. It’s not fully functioning, yet. I need a chase and rollers and some inks and type to get me going, (and maybe a class or two) but my goal is to have this baby up and running by January 1st

Look at this tiny type and graphic arts book that came with this thing. I’m on my way!

Yes Gold
I can’t tell you how amped I am about this. Colz and I are excited to put this to use for The Henhouse Press! This whole “starting your own business” thing has been like being struck by lightning. I feel like I’ve finally figured out what I want to do and now I just have to make it all happen. NO REGRETS.

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