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Handmade Nicaraguan Hammocks
When I was thumbing through the June issue of Elle Decor magazine I stopped dead in my tracks when I came to a page featuring beautifully handmade Nicaraguan hammocks. I thought to myself “Scoops! You need a GD hammock”!

Now I don’t know if I really need a hammock in my backyard, I very much like the idea of one, but in reality it would probably take up too much space. However, I do totally adore these hammocks from The Hang a Hammock Collective. Guess what else guys? They are totally affordable. Not usually something you come across in Elle Decor. Prices range from $94 to $115. Check out the collectives Etsy store over here and don’t even try and convince me why a hammock would be a good idea for me, I totally don’t need the encouragement, my husband will thank you ;)

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  • Erin May 29, 2014

    Scoops, we LOVE our hammock. Jordan wasn’t convinced at first either. I came home one day and he was lounging in it and he’s now a firm believer in all things hammock. I believe a few grams have even been sent out while lying in it from both of us. Finding the right one can take some time, but these look absolutely lovely!

    • Scoops May 30, 2014

      Oh man Roonz, I know it could be so awesome! Guess I gotta talk to the old man and see what he thinks, maybe Jordan can help do some convincing. You def have my vote.

  • HAH June 10, 2014

    A fresh thank you from us!

    Actually the Elle Decor special edition hammocks are available only through our web site :)

    • Scoops June 12, 2014

      Noted! Thanks, and you have beautiful hammocks!

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