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Sailboat Save the Dates
Yes We’re so excited! Nicole (Colz) and I finished our first STD’s (Save the Date’s) last night at 1am after a five hour marathon of printing. Oh god my shoulders hurt, but it’s all worth it because making stuff is so fun and awesome! We hand gocco’d (screenprinted) 150 save the dates and envelopes featuring a marina full of sailboats. We are so proud of our little guys, that I don’t think we’ll ever forget our first STD.

The first 50
If I were to get married tomorrow I think I would pick this same color palette. Lemon yellow, turquoise and grey are pretty much the best color combo. I’ve been using these colors all over my house for months, they are my go-to-guys. Check out my kitchen as proof. So I can easily imagine turquoise b-maid dresses paired with a bouquet of yellow flowers.

Save the Date & Envelope
As a special treat, and since we couldn’t resist, we added boats and waves to the front of the envelopes as well. It’s basically the icing on the cake (no pun intended) and makes the whole thing look really special, or at least that’s what we thought after a few beers.

Save the Date Close-Up
And just cause we love these things so dang much here’s one last photo for good measure.

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