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Getting ready for spring
Finn and I have recently turned the baby’s nursery into a fully functioning plant nursery. The nursery is the sunniest room in the house and since it’s not officially inhabited by baby #2, what the hay, right? We really went to town at our last trip to the flower store, we bought all sorts of seeds and bulbs and have successfully managed to turn them into sprouts! We can hardly wait until it’s time to plant them in our yard. Our morning routine now consists of checking on our little plant dudes to see if they have gotten bigger over night, followed then by checking the backyard to see how much snow has melted. The good news is we are getting closer and closer every day.

On the list of item’s planted. Zinnia’s, Marigolds, Daisy’s, Poppy’s, Morning Glory’s, Snap Dragon’s Bachelor Button’s, Cosmo’s, Ranunculus, Basil & Rosemary.

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