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Yellow Fever

Slowly but surely, I will have this “new kid’s room” thing figured out. First of all whoever decided that it should be near impossible to photograph yellow on grey? I don’t know where my skills are lacking, but I’m just not able to get this image to be true. Anyhow, this is the problem; I am currently having a little issue with the fabric I ordered to make curtains out of, I’m totally into the pattern, I think I am secretly a little obsessed with chevron patterned items these days but I am just not 100% on the color. It seems to be a little bright goldenrod and I was expecting a more true yellow color. The question is, would you just say screw it and use it anyway cause it’s probably close enough, or would you start over with something new? Here is the fabric against the grey wall and next to some fabric swatches I used in the quilt.

A more true color
Here is a more accurate description of what the fabric actually looks like.

Updated Nursery
For reference, here is the most recent version of where I am with the planning and purchasing, things have changed a bit, and I’ve settled on some art work. The quilt is nearly finished and I am using this Amy Butler Optic Blossom fabric on the back of it, which I adore. I’ve got some items that are more yellow-lemon yellow, and a lot of my fabric is more of a true yellow. What do you think, does the cornhusk-chevron fabric work? Lemme know!

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  • a midwestern belle April 8, 2011

    I'd say use it! I love how it looks against the gray walls. It might not be the perfect lemon yellow to match the other elements, but a little contrast while still coordinating is always fun. I share your obsession with chevron prints too :)

  • tuesdayswithangela April 8, 2011

    I like it next to all of the other swatches you have in the top photo—it all flows together well without being too matchy. I love seeing what you're putting together! Hope you are feeling well. :)

  • Meg April 10, 2011

    Your idea board is awesome looking!
    I just painted my nursery gray today, and my accent colors are bright yellow and turquoise, so very similar to what you're doing.
    My theme is owl, and I'm really digging your owl lamp, where did you find that at, if you don't mind my asking?

  • Scoops April 10, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    Thanks for the feedback, sounds unanimous, now the hard part begins, sewing these buggers. I plan on lining these curtains (which I've never done before) and adding grommets to the top to hang on the rod. Let the adventures in sewing machine frustration begin!

    Meg, it's a lie, I actually haven't picked a lamp. I double checked and the owl lamp in my mock-up appears to be a vintage piece and probably hard to find, however, both target and west elm are currently selling owl lamps with white ceramic bases. I'll probably go that route when I get to that point. You should check it out too. Also, I think I'll probably throw some turquoise into this room too, I'm not sure I can resist the combo.

    Thanks again, expect more updated soon.

  • Meg April 11, 2011

    Thank you for getting back to me. I'll definitely have to check out the places you mentioned. I found a really cute Owl night light lamp type thing on Urban Outfitters. There were holes through it so when you turn it on at night the light shines through it all. It looks awesome, but it's a little out of my price range. But you might really dig it!

    The turquoise/yellow/gray combo can't be beat! haha!

    Good luck with your curtains!

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