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We Ordered a Bunk Bed!

Okay, I'll fess up, I think I may be more excited about the new bunk bed then the boys are. Gus does say "wow" when I show him pictures of it, and Finn is pretty stoked, but really, I'm the one who thinks this will be awesome. We just ordered the "Perch Bunk Bed" from Oeuf this weekend. It's on backorder and won't be available to ship until mid-October, but that's cool, we can wait. I love READ MORE
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in Decor, Nursery
Hey Guys! Remember back in March when I posted about helping my friends Beak & Cam get the nursery together for their soon to be arriving baby girl? Well, we're still at it. Cam and Erin (aka Roonz, aka Roonstuff) and myself got together last night and whipped this room into shape. In a few short hours (fueled by delicious lasagna) we assembled the crib and changing table, painted the paneling READ MORE
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Nursery: 1 Year Deep

It was my intention when I started this post to update you on some functional storage solutions that I had come up with for my little guy’s little nursery. Then I decided that maybe it would be more helpful for any future moms out there to give you my two cents about how the nursery functions. What I like, what I don’t, what I’ve changed and what I’ve added over the last year. A Sorry READ MORE
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Beak & Cam = Baby (Part 1)

I'm really excited about this post! Some of my dearest friendthrens in the whole world, Cam & Beak (legendary hip hop producer) are having a baby this July. That means their girl babe and my Gus will be less than a year apart!!!! So excited about this. Cam is in charge of this nursery while Beak is out on tour and asked me for some nursery advice, and you know me, I was happy to oblige. I'm READ MORE
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