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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Holy buckets, team! It sure took a long time to get this post out. Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with the plan. Boy did I stall on this one. Designing spaces in our home usually comes easily to me. Once I put time in to sussing out a design, I usually get pretty close to the final result on the first try.... READ MORE
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Wait For It

So, guys. I've been wanting to buy this certain rug for the boys' room for a long time, and after waiting for-like-ever, we finally purchased it last month. I know, buying a rug isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but I thought that after waiting for so long it was at worth a blog post. There’s a lot that happens to your relationship to an object or thing if you decide to hold READ MORE
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Five years ago this month we moved into this house. The entire place was painted in a terrifyingly boring light brownish-yellowish color that was well past its prime, if there ever was any sort of prime for that brand of mediocrity. Bottom line: everything needed a fresh coat of paint. The first thing we did when we moved – like literally, before we unpacked a single bag – was tackle the bedroom READ MORE
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Shared Kid Digs

Hi Guys! Today I'd like to share with you the progress I've made on the boys' new shared bedroom. Just a little background info, Finn and Gus are 5 and 2, this fall we invested in a modular bunk bed from Oeuf. In was a significant investment for us, but the bed has a lot of potential for repurposing down the road, this seemed like the right choice for us. The biggest benefit is that the bunk READ MORE
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The Bunk Bed is Built

Guys! We are the proud owners of a fully functioning kid lair! Finn (my 5-year-old) and I worked our butts off over three afternoons last week to get the bunk bed put together, and we did it. Finn did half of the work, he insisted. In his eyes, building the bunk bed was like building a giant Lego set. He was in heaven - he lives and dies by instructions and rules, and he couldn’t get enough READ MORE
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