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So do you guys remember back in May when I was freaking out about what kind of chair to get for the nursery? Well I thought I would put my two cents in and let you know how I feel about it now. After much debate I decided to go ahead and order rocker legs for my H-Frame vintage Eames chair off of ebay and to accompany the rocker I purchased a grey knitted pouf from CB2 to increase the overall comfort READ MORE
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I'm totally tickled that Ohdeedoh.com asked me to participate in a nursery tour for "the new kid's room" aka Gus (guess the cat's out of the bag on that one). It made for good incentive to hurry up and finish the room before our new baby's arrival in a month. I've included a few snippets in this post but you can get the run down on the whole tour including a detailed source list over at ohdeedoh, READ MORE
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We're getting there, slowly but surely. The new baby's room is almost done, just a few more items to hang on the walls and a handful of things to sort through and put away and this kid's room will be good to go. One of the new additions to the room is the quilt hanging over the crib. My Grandma helped me assemble this "red cross" style quilt and then she did the hard work, the beautiful top-stitching. READ MORE
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I am so proud of these curtains! I love them, and I was able to sew them with minimal swears and mistakes. I think I am getting better at this sewing thing. They hang perfectly, are the perfect length, the patterns match up and they are lined.Here's a close up - check out the grommets. Adding the grommets was the last stage of making the curtains and it was a bit scary cause I had to do some math READ MORE
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Yellow Fever

Slowly but surely, I will have this "new kid's room" thing figured out. First of all whoever decided that it should be near impossible to photograph yellow on grey? I don't know where my skills are lacking, but I'm just not able to get this image to be true. Anyhow, this is the problem; I am currently having a little issue with the fabric I ordered to make curtains out of, I'm totally into the pattern, READ MORE
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