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Eames Rocking Chair and Grey Pouf
So do you guys remember back in May when I was freaking out about what kind of chair to get for the nursery? Well I thought I would put my two cents in and let you know how I feel about it now. After much debate I decided to go ahead and order rocker legs for my H-Frame vintage Eames chair off of ebay and to accompany the rocker I purchased a grey knitted pouf from CB2 to increase the overall comfort level, and guess what?? I am totally happy with how things turned out!

The rock on the Eames chair is really nice, that’s my favorite part about the whole thing, a nice smooth rock. There is obviously not a high neck/head rest on this chair, but that’s okay, I haven’t found myself needing it at all even on the most tiredest of nights. I actually think not having a place to rest my head keeps me more awake and alert for those late night feedings. The arms are in a good spot for me too, I think it’s actually really comfortable. I usually rest my arms and cradle Gus while I feed him a bottle. This also worked really well for while I was nursing too. The only thing I would change is possibly purchasing a small sheep skin from Ikea or cushion to sit on. There’s nothing like getting a baby to sleep only to wake him because your thighs are stuck to your chair. Not a cool mom move at all.

The grey pouf from CB2 is also awesome, it is the perfect size and does and great job of being a foot rest. It rocks with the rocker and make the rocker feel even more glider like. I love it. That’s not the only awesome thing about this pouf, did you know it also become a makeshift step stool? Every morning Finn pushes it over to the edge of the crib, climbs up and looks in to say good morning to his bro. I think it was a great purchase and would recommend it to anyone that was looking for a super functional nursery piece.

Also, the best part is that I LOVE THIS FURNITURE, so when Gus gets older and doesn’t need a rocking chair in his room anymore I can take it back and incorporate it in other rooms in the house. So it’s a win win win all the way around.

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  • Chelsea October 9, 2011

    I love my eames rocker too. I just thought I'd let you know that it was originally designed to be a maternity chair for new mothers of the Herman Miller design company. He made it for them to breast feed in and rock their newborns. Its cool that you were doing that naturally. Ps. I got the sheepskin from IKEA three weeks ago, and it was a great choice!

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