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  • I grew up in North Central Minnesota, surrounded by land and trees and lakes. We had the luxury of space and plenty of room for gardening of any type be it of the flower or vegetable variety. Both my mother and grandmother kept beautiful sprawling flower gardens while I was growing up. I only hope that one day I will have just as impressive of a garden as they did. Now that I have put down roots in Minneapolis, space for a large garden is a bit difficult to come by. Thankfully the folks over at Fire Escape Farms have got things figured out for us urban-green thumbs. There is a great section with lovely vertical garden planters suitable for flowers or veggies. Check out their selection of reference books and pretty little hand tools too!
  • Our friend Brian turned 30 years old a few weeks ago! This is a milestone that lends itself to massive amounts of celebrating and serves as a good excuse to do crazy shit like jump out of an airplane. An even better way to celebrate is to jump out of an airplane and bring 4 of your buddies with you! One sunny Sunday morning just a few weeks back, Elsa, Lindsey and I got into a car and drove off to Wisconsin to watch our husbands and friends (and dads) jump their crazy asses out of an airplane. Check out this crazy video my guy Aaron shot as he fell from 13,000 feet back to earth. Phew, I’m glad that’s over!
  • West Elm is having a killer Labor Day Sale this weekend! These deals are good online and in stores. A few other places have decided to say good bye to summer by giving us some sweet sweet deals. Check out: GAP, Sierra Trading Post, PUMA, LEVI’s, Betsey Johnson, and REI.
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