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Uh oh.
Right before we were about to leave for our cabin vacation my three year old got back at me for ruining his life by having this baby and “accidentally” kicked my camera off the couch while staring me right in the eye. We’re trying to move on but Finn is still coping with the new kid (Gus) being around. The other day he told me to “stop talking” and every once in a while he likes to make it known that he doesn’t love me anymore. I know he will get over it but it’s all a little hard to take at the moment.

So, with all that being sad it’s been hard to blog let alone take pictures. I guess a new camera moved to the top of my 30th birthday wish list, did you hear that Mom, Dad, & Jeff??

I’m finally starting to figure out a schedule with these kids and besides being totally exhausted I hope to be blogging soon, even if it is via iphone instagrams. Be patient with me, I’ll have a new camera & lens soon (I hope).

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