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Music Room Musings

Music Room - Idea Board
Have I told you that I am spending my days at home now, I am officially a stay at home mom AND taking on watching Colz’ Elsa 5 days a week too. It is a crazy party here every day and for the most part I am enjoying it. I am most happy not to be spending the majority of my nights in the restaurant business that’s for sure. Anyhow, with all that being said I am at home a lot, and it hasn’t taken long for me to get the itch to start redecorating the whole place. It feels good to be motivated again after so many months of not feeling the desire to do anything. So onto my next project, something that should have been done a long time ago… On the main floor of our house we have a room in the back off of the dining room, it is meant to be used as a office or another bedroom but we have dedicated it as the “music room.” It is currently home to the piano a bunch of guitars and about 500 records and it looks like a hot mess. We keep the door closed to the room almost always and the room continues to collect more and more junk. It needs to become a functional part of our house ASAP.

Here is the vision, first an accent wall with my current favorite feather wallpaper from Ferm Living. On the same accent wall we will add a record shelf & attractive toy storage. The piano in the corner needs to feel included in the room, I have a favorite piece of artwork that I have been holding on to that needs to hang above it. We are in desperate need of some wall shelves for books and storage boxes. An upholstered chair would be the perfect addition for when Jeff wants to go have a time with his guitar. Lighting is a must as their is no overhead lighting, a vintage brass lamp like the one pictured above would be perfect. These neutral curtains would be perfect in the room and would compliment the other curtains that we have hanging on the main floor of the house. A fresh green side table with storage below for magazines and books would add the perfect complimentary color to the room along with pops of red as referenced in the pintuck pillow shown above.

I want to get started on this today but I know it will take many weeks if not months to complete. First I will need to purge all the junk and then secondly I will need to remove the existing floral wallpaper something I have never taken on before. Then of course I will have to paint and re-wallpaper and then put up shelves hang art buy some new furniture. Ooufta. Little by little though I will get it done during afternoon nap times and weekends. Mostly I am just excited to have a project again and I’m really excited to be at home as much as I am.

What a mess
Here’s the proof of what a mess this room has become. The wallpaper should’ve gone a long time ago, shelves are desperately needed, and we NEED organization, function, etc. etc.

Record Shelf with toy storage
Finn and I took a trip to Ikea last weekend, here’s a start at storage. These records have a home and the boxes below are full of toys for the kiddos.

Also it should be noted it is near impossible to right anything with 2 little voices constantly in your head.

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