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Anybody else sensing a theme here? Pink is showing up all over my recent posts. I’ve resisted pink all my life – so what gives? I’m kinda loving it and it’s weirding me out. Maybe there’s a secret tractor beam that nobody told me about. I can’t understand any other reasonable explanation that would justify me liking the color pink.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I purchased a radio on etsy. I’ve had my eyes peeled for months, maybe even a year, when I found this turquoise gem with golden accents. Total love fest going on up in here. For your sake, I thought I’d do some pretend shopping and come up with my favorite vintage radio etsy finds for today so you can have a radio love party in your house too. You can thank me later.

1. 1980’s Rise n’ Shine AM/FM Clock Radio from Thrice Nice – $30.00 + $9.00 (for shipping)
2. 1950’s National 7 Transitor Radio in Pink from Yesterday and 2day – $29.00 + $6.00 (for shipping)
3. Mint Green AM/FM Electric Radio from New Life Vintage RV’s – $50.00 + $12.00 (for shipping)
4. Vintage General Electric Tube Clock Radio from Carmen and Ginger – $27.00 + $12.00 (for shipping)

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  • Christine February 17, 2012

    Thanks so much! I love the blue radio you snapped up! What a find! ~Christine

  • Killa Cam February 20, 2012

    I like the minty green one!

    • Scoops February 20, 2012

      Perfect for a little baby girl’s room.

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