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Happy Etsy Finds Friday! I know it’s been awhile since our last Etsy Finds (almost a whole month) but that’s cause I was so busy doing so much stuff around the house.

Anyway, inspired by all my recent projects and the total appreciation for searching the word “Hardware” in the Etsy vintage section, I am doing a post on some really great victorian era door and window hardware! Searching for ‘hardware‘ on Etsy is almost as great as being in a real live vintage hardware store. I am kind of obsessed about it. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should.

So, here are a few great door knobs, knob plates, and a sash lock that I think are pretty awesome. If you’re lacking that vintage touch in your house OR if someone “updated” your old house and you’re trying to bring it back to the way it was, you need to check my finds.

1. Antique Door Knobs and Backplates from River House Designs – $78.00 + $8.50 (for shipping)
2. 19th Century Sash Lock from The Blind Peacock – $10.50 + $2.25 (for shipping)
3. Vintage Brass Door Knobs with Hardware from Splendid Junk – $28.00 + $11.35 (for shipping)
4. Antique White Marble Doorknobs from Once Upon A Time – $35.00 + $6.00 (for shipping)

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  • jessica April 28, 2012

    Thanks so much for these. Have you come across any vintage kitchen drawer pulls and nobs?

    • Scoops April 30, 2012

      Tons. There is all sorts of good pulls and knobs out there. I think there is even a few shops whose specialty is saving knobs from furniture that has seen better days.

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