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Tulips for the 1st Time

Tulip Peach Blossom
This is my first spring with Tulips in my yard! I planted 3 different types of Tulips this fall, 20 Peach Blossoms, 10 Spring Greens, and 10 Foxtrots. I was getting a little sad that none of them had made it through the winter, but then slowly I began to spot them. I haven’t done an exact count but I would say about 30 of the bulbs have popped up! I was happy with those results but am sad that the 10 missing bulbs all seem to be of the Foxtrot variety.

I also planted 20 Canaliculatis Daffodils and I haven’t see a single one. I’m guessing I must have planted the bulbs too deep even though all the instructions said to plant them in 4″ of soil. I will try my hand at planting another round of both the missing Tulips and Daffodils this fall. Maybe with a little more research I can figure out what went wrong for these guys. In the meantime, I’m totally enjoying these fresh spring blooms in my garden!

Tulip Spring Green

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