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It’s Picture Hanging Time!

Well all this reupholstering of dining room chairs has me in desperate need of getting my dining room a smidge bit more put together. This room has been driving me crazy since we moved in. It's the paneling, it's nice, but it's dark and it gets in the way of any sort of wall hanging options that a normal person in a normal dining room would have. I'm over it. Part of my solution to this problem READ MORE
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Coral & Blue & Grey

I had taken a few photos around the house this weekend thinking I might try and do a post called "Inspired by the Royal Tenenbaum's" or something weird like that, but when I went back to look at them this afternoon I realized that they weren't really that Tenenbaumesque (which made me sad because I like to think my house aspires to be the blue smaller version of that house.) Instead I realized how READ MORE
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I've been meaning to organize the built-in buffet cabinet in our dining room for some time, it's been set up the same way ever since we moved in, straight from the moving boxes and into the buffet. It's seems like I should've done this a long time ago since it's such a prominent piece in our main living space, but I never gave it too much thought, and I didn't really have any great ideas for what READ MORE
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