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All put away.
I’ve been meaning to organize the built-in buffet cabinet in our dining room for some time, it’s been set up the same way ever since we moved in, straight from the moving boxes and into the buffet. It’s seems like I should’ve done this a long time ago since it’s such a prominent piece in our main living space, but I never gave it too much thought, and I didn’t really have any great ideas for what I should do with it anyways.

Before, a mess.
As a reminder, here is what it looked like before; unorganized, overflow storage.

Our new spring time placemat's!
I was inspired to make a change after running into these lovely placemat’s at our local garden store the other day. I usually can resist the urge to buy items spontaneously but not with these babies, I was helpless against their power. With my spring color fix satiated I set the table to see how the placemat’s, my dinnerware, and glassware all looked together. The table looked great but the buffet did not, so I set Finn up in front of his latest pixar obsession, emptied out the cabinet, ran to my studio and grabbed some left over remanents of the Orla Kiely wallpaer we had used in the vestibule, and went to town.

Wallpaper up!
I purged all the items that were not in the same color family as the placemat’s and kept everything that was; teal, orange, and celery green. Then I began to reassemble the cabinet.

Orange Lotus Bowls in Buffet Spaghetti Glassware
Here are a few of my favorite spots in the buffet. I think the orange and teal look badass together.

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  • Melanie January 16, 2015

    I just found your site. I love what you are doing with your home. I have a question for you about the wallpaper you put in the buffet. We have a similar situation with our buffet. It is super dark, and I would like to do something to brighten them up. We have thought about painting the backs white, but just can’t bring ourselves to paint wood. When I saw your site with these wallpaper pics, I thought that was the perfect solution! Everywhere I have looked said that I should prime the area, before putting up wallpaper. Still can’t bring myself to do that. So finally the question, did you just put up the paper as you would on a normal wall? Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!!

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