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Thinking About : Chairs

Well this post is a follow up to my sofa post from last week. I'm still thinking about new furniture options for our living room. Our current arm chair is in even worse shape then the sofa. It's saggy, stained and sorry-ass-lookin'. The chair, like our sofa, also came from Room and Board, but unlike the sofa, was purchased in the default-off-the-rack fabric and it hasn't held up well. READ MORE
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Nerding Out

Oh man, I totally got all nerdy yesterday. After watching 2 episodes of Secrets from a Stylist I felt inspired to pretend I was a stylist (yeah right.) Anyway I went around and found all my pillows and tchotchkes set them all out in a pile and then practically put them back in the same spots I found them in. Also, I would never leave that sheepskin on the coffee table, that would READ MORE
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Hallowed Hush: 3 Ways

I was spending some time updating my backup hard drive the other day (3 years in the making) when I came across some real estate photos of our old loft we used to own when we were crazy enough to live in Saint Paul (sorry saint paul). It inspired me to do a post about the Behr paint color "Hallowed Hush" because I've gone nuts and used it in all of three places we've lived in, including the loft. READ MORE
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Hey Everybody, About 3 weeks ago I decided that I needed to do something more productive with my days. I was feeling kind of down and out and needed to get my butt in gear so I decided to throw my hat into the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest ring. I totally didn't think anything would come from it but to my surprise I WON my division and now am one of the 4 contestants left in the finals!!If READ MORE
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