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August (Gus) Jack Allen

He's Here! The newest member of our family arrived last Friday, the 29th at 2:50pm. After many false alarms and lots and lots of waiting he made it up to me with a speedy delivery. He is a happy and healthy baby, only cries if he's hungry, attempts to sleep at night and nurses like a champ. We've been home since Saturday and are adjusting fine. Finn is doing an awesome job as a new big brother READ MORE
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Cool Things!

I've been slowly getting the first floor of my house in order. I recently gave my dining room a face lift. Now that I have gotten that out of the way I have moved on to the adjoining living room. I started the make over by refinishing the hardwood floors on the entire first floor this past weekend. I'll be telling you all about that adventure later this week. But, now I've got to pick out some sweet READ MORE
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Okay it's official now, this baby is totally late and totally getting on my nerves (literally). I started this month out thinking "Yes, July, my kid is going to be born in July! It's finally here!" Now I'm starting to think "What the fuck am I going to do if this kid shows up in August, seriously August?" I always assumed that this baby would show his face at least one week before my due date, with READ MORE
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31 weeks, is it over yet?

I'm not sure if I am a big fan of "belly shots" or not. My stomach area is probably the part of my body that I feel most self conscious of when I'm not pregnant and the idea of putting it on display doesn't sound super fun to me. I avoided the camera like the plague when I was pregnant with finn and only have one real photo of me, and sometimes I regret not having more. 10 years from now I might READ MORE
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Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you. It took me at least two weeks to get enough energy to take 10 photos and put them on the internet. The problem is I've got this baby in my stomach and it makes everything in my life 1000 times harder than it ever was before. These days I can only focus on when my next nap will be, and I haven't gotten much done. Our etsy store is empty and I can't muster the READ MORE
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