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Okay it’s official now, this baby is totally late and totally getting on my nerves (literally).

I started this month out thinking “Yes, July, my kid is going to be born in July! It’s finally here!” Now I’m starting to think “What the fuck am I going to do if this kid shows up in August, seriously August?” I always assumed that this baby would show his face at least one week before my due date, with good reason. Finn came early, so why wouldn’t this one? That seems logical, right? Previous experience is not the sole reason I thought little dude would be here early, though; I’ve been having regular contractions for the last 8 weeks, and have been dilated for the past 5 (sorry, TMI.)

This baby’s tardiness is on the verge of becoming amusing (at my own expense). If you know me at all you know that my #1 pet peeve of all time is the inability to be punctual. It drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S (hat tip to Gwen-Stefz) when people are late. So it seems fitting that I would give birth to a tardy child. A punishment of some sort. My 2nd kid will start off his first days in this world being late. I hope this isn’t a habit that continues throughout his life as it will end up driving one of us crazy. At least I will always have my anal, obsessive, punctual Finn, like mother like son. 1 for 2 is always better than nothing.

Building forts
Finn, Grammy and I built this cool fort/house last week out of an old box, which provided a morning’s worth of entertainment.

I am starting my 3rd week of stay-at-home-mom time and I don’t have a lot to show for it. I was so looking forward to enjoying these last days with Finn, going on adventures having lunch dates and playing in the backyard. Unfortunately my body has been in such agony carrying around this little guy that I haven’t been able to add a lot of entertainment or excitement to Finn’s daily routine. It kinda makes me feel like a bad mom. Due to my inability to function my mom has been babysitting me and Finn since last Thursday. I can not longer drive our car (a stick) due to my sore abdominal muscles and I have to be dependent on Jeff dropping me and Finn off in the morning before work and then picking us up again at the end of the day — not my dream situation for these last days with Finn. It hasn’t been all bad though, Finn and I have had a lot of time to enjoy each others company while my mom does the hard stuff (making lunch, picking stuff up off the floor, building train tracks etc.) I’ve had to take life a lot slower these last few weeks which has been hard to transition to but I’ve been learning to find enjoyment in it.

There has been other rough patches too; I thought for sure I was going into labor on Sunday night. We went through the whole pomp and circumstance of dropping Finn off at my Mom & Dad’s, 3 AM walks, waiting, laboring, only to awake after some rest to find my contractions went from 2.5 minutes apart to virtually non-existent. It’s hard not to feel stupid after you get everyone thinking that this is it and IT turns out to be a big fat nothing. I’m still not sure I’m quite over the disappointment I felt knowing I was going to have to continue to endure being pregnant and wait patiently to meet my new son.

Like I said, it’s not all bad. My time with Finn has been special, we’ve also spent afternoons in the backyard shade, in and out of kiddie swimming pools, laying out on a blanket, exploring, seeing, reading and being quiet so we can “spy some animals.” Being with Finn has made the dragging on of time tolerable. It makes me a little sad thinking it’s not just going to be the 3 of us anymore but these are all happy memories and I’m looking forward to the new memories where it’s just the 4 of us.

River adventures
I am surprised by how much harder #2 has been compared to #1. I always thought for sure it would be easier but I’ve had a much harder time throughout this pregnancy, from morning sickness to body aches. I am so glad the end is near. I can’t wait for our lives to get off of being on hold and start up with gusto again. I miss being me, I miss my husband, I miss my friends, I miss being a full fledged mom and most of all I’m excited to meet my Gus. Here’s to hoping he’s only fashionably late.

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  • kristin July 27, 2011

    hang in there! i've heard so many stories of infuriating false alarms and loooong pre-labor with second babies. the good part is it usually seems to mean a quick labor and delivery! happened to me. i was so frustrated by all the “don't amount to anything” painful contractions that i broke down crying one evening, went into labor at 1:30am that same night, and gave birth naturally by 6:30am! i'm sure it'll happen very soon for you. best wishes.

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