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Butterfly Weed

  • I have been tossing around some plans/ideas for my next huge undertaking at the house. My flower gardens. Now, my home came equipped with a flower garden in the back yard and a few lovely plants scattered here and there but lets face it, it ain’t that pretty. The planning phases for my native/rain gardens have started. For those of you in the MPLS area, check out Metro Blooms. These folks offer one and two day workshops on how to plant, design and execute beautiful rain gardens. They also have tons of resources available to help you plan and garden responsibly in an urban setting. Hey Scoops, I think this is a photo of the plant we were tryin’ to identify from our please-go-into-labor walk the other day. It’s called a Butterfly Weed. Love that orange!
  • So I know, it’s nearing the end of July and we here in MPLS are on the tail end of a MAJOR heat wave but I feel it necessary to wish Annie Larson and All Knitwear a happy “Annie-versary”! Check out her sweet ass-one of kind-handmade with love especially for you-crazy awesomeness-over at ALL Knitwear.
  • I’m not sure why I have never seen this blog before? Elizabeth over at Flourish in Progress is going to tell you a thing or two about most things. And she isn’t going to mince words about any of it. I am pretty sure that once Scoops gets this baby Gus out of her and I get my butterfly weed planted in my back yard, Elizabeth, Scoops and I could easily sit around and drink bubbly drinks on the patio and talk smart about life and its ongoing lessons.

    Have a good weekend Peeps. Stay cool.

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