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July Blooms

July Blooms
I have been so proud and excited by how my gardens are turning out this year (their 2nd summer) that I wanted to take some time and make a few notes about what flowers are blooming and when. I was so excited to pick my first summer bouquet this weekend, it’s making it’s home on my dining room table. Having not really planned it, my garden has really become full of pink, purple and red shades with hints of yellow here and there. There are also verigated & lime-green Hostas on the shady side of my garden which break up all the pink/purple tones and add some bursts of color and texture as well.

Pink Asiatic Lily
I was not a big fan of these pink Asiatic Lilies last year, they were hand-me-down flowers if that says anything. My mom had given me them because she was looking to get them out of her garden. This year they look great however, because they fit right in with the hot pink Phlox, Sedum with tiny light pink flowers, purple Salvia and yellow Day Lilies that are all blooming on this sunny side of the garden.

Hot Pink Phlox
Hot Pink Phlox.

Sedum with Pink Flowers
Pink flowering Sedum

Finn's Red Birthday Dahlia
On the shadier side of the garden I have planted this Red Dahlia which bloomed right on Finn and Elsa’s birthday. Even though this side of the garden is not overwhelmed with sun there is enough that this Dahlia has flourished in the late afternoon sunlight and has even bloomed before my 3 other types of Dahlias which make their home directly in the light of the sun (weird & awesome.)

White & Purple Hosta Flowers
Hosta flowers, mostly bright white with a hint of purple undertone.

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