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Macrame Beaded Hanging Planter & Giveaway

Hello Peoples! How are you guys doing? It's Monday, and I have a really cool project to share with you plus another awesome giveaway - you can thank my pals at Ace for that! It's finally starting to be porch season, the weather is coming around a READ MORE
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Last Minute DIY Valentines

Friends. Are you in need of a last minute DIY valentine for your kids? Don't worry, I got you. Check out both of these super cute valentines my kids and I have handmade for valentines days of yore. Both are easy, fun, kid friendly, and made with READ MORE
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Crafty as Eff

Sometimes one of your best budz might be getting married, and you might be invited to a sexy bachelorette party, and because talking about underwear in public in front of strangers sometimes makes you shy, you might decide to just make lingerie out READ MORE
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It’s Spray Painting Season!

You guys, it's that magical time of year where we can just venture outside and spray paint the heck out of anything we want. I have been marveling at the power of spray paint ever since I started using it in my kitchen makeover to make small improvements READ MORE
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Valentine Candy Pouches!

Finn and I spent the afternoon yesterday making Valentines for his classmates. This is our second year of really going all-out with the Valentine's Day crafts. This is strange for me for two reasons; one I normally don't do a lot of crafty projects, READ MORE
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