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Sometimes one of your best budz might be getting married, and you might be invited to a sexy bachelorette party, and because talking about underwear in public in front of strangers sometimes makes you shy, you might decide to just make lingerie out of beer boxes, because honestly, it would just be much funnier. It took me a few days to assemble this strange woven masterpiece, but it was totally worth it. It was funny - and she loved it, so we all win. Not my first time avoiding public embarrassment at a lingerie party - a few years ago I crocheted these things - I guess I have issues. Long story very short. One of my favorite pals to drink beer and make very funny jokes with, is getting married to one of my oldest (as in way back, not age) and best friends this weekend. If you didn't already know, it's Matt and Katie - I talk about them often on the blogs, they're the ones who live in Savannah and have the sweet family cabin that we love to spend time at. We can not wait for this blessed celebraish, we've been anticipating this amazing event all damn summer! Get the Scoop [...]
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It’s Spray Painting Season!

You guys, it's that magical time of year where we can just venture outside and spray paint the heck out of anything we want. I have been marveling at the power of spray paint ever since I started using it in my kitchen makeover to make small improvements with hardware. It's amazing stuff. I've been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get outside and spray paint a few things, and it finally happened this week! We had a couple of days with temperatures in the 40's! Planters and pots can be expensive - lots of times as expensive as the plant if not more. Clay pots however are very inexpensive, usually they are less than $4 for a pot and tray depending on what size you get. I'm no newbie to spray painting clay pots, I've painted a few in matte black this fall, and so far the results are all positive. There has been no unexpected blistering from moisture or anything like that, so I figured I'd give it go and give these pots a dipped look. I masked off the tops of the pots and spray painted the trays and bases. It was super easy. I applied two coats of paint. I also painted this cheap-o lamp I picked up at Target earlier this month. It's not bad in the enamel grey, but I thought it would look way better in satin white, so I painted that too! See! Easy! Everything is masked and painted. I didn't use any guidelines when masking the pots, just picked a spot and taped around the top. I didn't even care if it was even! I know, I know, I am so crazy. The lamp is my fav, I love it painted white! Don't Get the Scoop [...]
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Valentine Candy Pouches!

Finn and I spent the afternoon yesterday making Valentines for his classmates. This is our second year of really going all-out with the Valentine's Day crafts. This is strange for me for two reasons; one I normally don't do a lot of crafty projects, and two we aren't super into Valentine's day at our house. Finn however really enjoys taking the time to make a gift for his buddies, and I really enjoying helping him come up with cool ideas for his Valentines that he and I can do together. This year we made these cute little candy pouches decorating them with hearts that we printed using our homemade potato stamps and sewing them up on the ends to seal them off. The whole project was pretty easy, we did it assembly-line-style. We started with printing, then took a lunch break while we waited for them to dry. Later on we finished the project by filling the pouches with goodies and sewing up the ends. The hardest part was getting the momentum to actually go dig my sewing machine out of storage - this is me trying to tell you that it was an easy project and I loved spending time with Finn making something together. Have you ever made potato stamps? They are really fun and easy to do. All you need is a potato a knife and a little paint or ink. This is something an adult would have to help with of course. You don't need fancy knife skills either. Start by tracing your pattern, in this case a heart, you could easily cut out XOXO or arrows too, but I was just keeping it simple. Make sure your potato stamp has at least Get the Scoop [...]
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My Most Favorite Way to Wrap Presents

This weekend we celebrated Jeff's 32nd b-day, he's such an old man now! The weekend before I attended a baby shower for my cousin, and for both events I wrapped my gifts the same way, with white paper and black and white baker's twine. I know this isn't reinventing the wheel or anything, but I really like wrapping gifts this way because it looks sweet and thoughtful, and most importantly, it's really easy. I always have a roll of Ikea drawing paper from the kids section meant for use with their easels. I use it all the time, currently it's my jam for keeping my workspace clean while painting the kitchen cupboards. I also use it for background sweeps when I am taking pics for the blog, I use it for present wrapping, (obviously) and yes, sometimes the kids actually use it for drawing. I would highly recommend grabbing a roll next time you take a trip to your local Ikea. Rollover the Image above I like to add some hot pink washi tape too, just to be cool. Get the Scoop [...]
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Easy Invitations

Hey Guys, I wanted to share with you this quick, easy and cool invitation that Finn and I made last week for his birthday party. This invitation is cool for a few reasons, for one it looks awesome. Secondly it's pretty easy, and requires little to no artistic skill. It is quickly made with a straight edge ruler, and it doesn't take a lot of time, or cost a lot of money. Do you remember making graphs like this in elementary school and connecting the marks? Does this thing even have a name? Help a lady out here if you know! Finn and I used an A2 size note card. We found the center of the card and then made a horizontal and vertical line. Too make this pattern work make sure to grid out an odd number of marks. In this example we did 17 vertical marks and 17 horizontal. The 9th mark was the center mark both vertically and horizontally leaving 8 marks in every direction from the center outward. We marked out the grid using a distance of a 1/4 of an inch per dash and then began to connect the marks. The method is easy. Draw a line from the furthest out vertical mark to the most inner horizontal mark. Keep repeating this going to the next farthest and inner mark every time. Change colors for every new layer of marks and you will have this cool diamond weave effect! Get the Scoop [...]
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