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I do, do, do.

So Rip and I got hitched this past February in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We were lucky enough to have a few members of our Family and some of our oldest and dearest Friends join us.

The Wedding was planned in about a month and there wasn’t a whole lot of time to get formal invitations sent out. We sent emails and made phone calls giving everyone the heads up about the Big Day. Once I had a head count of who would be able to make it, I whipped up some ‘invitations’ that would state the where’s and when’s of the ceremony itself. The front desk staff at our resort were kind enough to hand them out to our guests as they checked in. This also saved me the hassle filling everyone in as I saw them.

The ceremony was on the beach at 2:00 in the afternoon. To help my guests fight off the heat I had picked up some folding fans so they could keep a little bit cool. I designed these tags to hang on the tassels that were on the fans. I would have loved to shown a photo of the tags on an actual fan but Royal, my well behaved dog, ate the only one I had left. What an Ass Hole.

After we got home and we were able to let the dust settle a little and our Folks got us some names and addresses, I was able to send out wedding announcements. There were a few people that I also wanted to thank for checks, gifts and wedding showers so I killed two birds with one stone and used these as ‘Thank You” cards as well.


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