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My latest obsession

Finn Plays
A few weeks ago ohdeedoh posted an article about Fisher Price’s little people turning 50. OMG memories came flooding back and I was inspired to force Finn to relive my childhood.

The Barn
It’s easy for me to justify this spontaneous obsession, Finn’s first birthday is in July and he’s probably going to need some toys ASAP. So I head over to ebay and start bidding away. So far I have purchased The Barn, The A-Frame House, The School, and the biggest daddy of them all, The Parking Garage.

The School
The school and A-frame come shipped together and they are pretty dirty and old looking when they arrive. I put in some elbow grease and get them spiffed up in no time.

The A-Frame
As a kid I never played with the A-frame, but as an adult I couldn’t resist the cool shape and the sliding doors.

The A-Frame Picnic
These Little People are grilling, there’s even a steak on the barbie.

Relaxing on the porch
Yes!, chilling on the deck, that’s what these Little People do.

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