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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Auntie Hen Parties

Saturday afternoon I brought Elsa over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a visit. When I arrived I was surprised to find all of my Aunts gathered around the dining room table, painting bird houses.
I am not exactly sure who’s idea this was but it was certainly a good one! Surprise craft parties are always awesome!

Here we are, getting started. Jill and Margy discuss color schemes and the history of bird house architecture in early America. A riveting conversation indeed.

Auntie Kathy has settled on a red house with a yellow foundation and roof. She is going for a Scandinavian themed house. These birds probably shop at IKEA and eat lutefisk and lefse.

My Aunt Gina contemplates decking her house out with a theme but decides to go with what moves her. She is slightly inspired by the purple dogbird house sitting in front of her.

I love these houses!

Here they are! These bejeweled and bedazzled bird houses will be sure to make some lovely bird family so happy!

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