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Sock Update Yo.

Finished Sock
I just realized I never blogged my first pair of socks. Well here they are! Another goal to check off the old bucket list, I am officially now a knitter of socks.

First Sock I've Ever Made
Here’s my feet enjoying my new socks.

WIP Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock
In other sock news, I am currently working on two different pairs. See the truth is, knitting socks can get kind of boring, so I needed to do two different pairs at once in order to make my brain not go crazy.

WIP Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock
I am working more patterns from the Knitting Vintage Socks book, just like I said I would do. This is the pattern for “Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock”. In this instance this sock(s) will be worn by this gentlelady.

WIP Child's First Sock
And lastly, the other sock I am working on is this awesome yellow one. I have heart eyes for this pattern. Again, this pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks and is called “Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern”

FYI: this sock is hard and can only be worked on at home in peace and quiet. I am a newbie when it comes to knitting and I need all the mind concentration I can muster when it comes to working this this “difficult” pattern.

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  • The Garden Bell October 14, 2009

    The green one's I would name…

    Grannie Apple Crisp

    The New yellowie/goldenie… willll…

    Looks like Hotdog Mustard… sillie me…

    Still thinking about the Rainbow De-lish ones…

    Keep us posted.. for the big Ta-Da on the WIP

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