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A Hat, Just in the Nick of Time

Finn and his new cat hat
I finished this hat for Finn right as the flurries began to fall. This is just the perfect thing for him because A: This hat comes fully equipped with a button thus allowing it to stay on Finn’s head, no matter how hard he tries this thing isn’t coming off, and B: It looks awesome, it reminds me of our grey cat Whittier.

Finn and his new Whittier hat
Again, if anyone is interested in making this sweet hat for your little dude or lady, the pattern is found here @ shescraftiness.blogspot.com

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  • The Garden Bell October 13, 2009

    Love the hat, Love the sprinkle of snow. Love the rosey cheeks. What a sweet smile you shared today. But, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr… it's looking kind of cold there. At least we have sun with our 38 today.

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