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The Hoop Goes up
What does it take to get a basketball hoop on a garage? Let me tell you in case you didn’t know. It takes 7 adults, 1 baby, 5 trips to the hardware store, 1 ladder, 1 truck, 2 frozen pizzas, 7 beers, and 5.5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

So this isn’t just a basketball hoop on a garage it’s actually Jeff’s grad school graduation present from me to him with tons of love. Ever since I’ve known Jeff I’ve been made aware that all he’s ever wanted was a house with a basketball hoop. So I guess now he has everything.

Juice's Truck
Jordan (aka Uncle Juice) and his truck save the day.

Human Backboard
Matt pretends to be a human backboard.

I’m not gonna lie to you there was a lot of time spent just standing around and pretending we had a basketball hoop on the garage.

Getting Antsy
Hoopin’ it up.

Raise the Hoop
There she blows. We did it, mission accomplished.

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  • Peter April 21, 2010

    Nice work, ladies and gents. The pickup-as-step-ladder move is genius.

  • Colzoz April 21, 2010

    I think Fives has found his second calling. Is the NBA hiring?

  • MATT April 22, 2010


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