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I’ve been pretty focused on the house lately and I haven’t given a lot of time to being crafty. Instead, I’ve been learning how to become a master gardener (with help from my mom and a pile of books.)

Gardening isn’t my only new hobby, I like/hate to paint too. I have swatches of paint colors on almost every wall in my house, and I can’t seem to settle on anything. What it comes down to is that making a house a home is a lot harder than it looks.

I have decided that before all of this house updating is said and done that I would really like to pay special attention to our bedroom. When it comes to bedrooms it is always the last thing on our list of to-do’s. I can never pull the trigger on a plan and in the end it all falls apart. I have stacks of duvet covers and bedding that I’ve never been able to bring into a cohesive room design. So here is the first of what could be many room ideas.

So many patterns so little time.
I am currently stuck on patterns and I want them to be around me because I love them all. The question is; could I actually pull it off? It seems like a slippery slope, one wrong move and it all looks like another bedroom gone bad. The key here is to use multiple patterns with restraint. The orange floral curtains would be on the windows in the porch off of our bedroom, the wallpaper would be used on one wall on the far end of our room, and the sheet set would peak out from under a pile of white bedding.

The details:
Sheet Set: Anthropologie “Sunbird Sheet Set”
Curtain Fabric: Amy Butler “Peach Coreopsis” (I already own 13 yards of this stuff)
Wall Paper: Amy Butler “Passion Lily”

If anyone has done something like this and has ideas to share please leave a comment or link to your room on our flickr account Thanks!

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  • The Cheap Chic Momma June 4, 2010

    I personally love the concept of mixing patterns. Have you seen Sex and The City 2 yet? Carry and Big's new apartment is full of bold patterns! Love the wallpaper!

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