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Mmmm Twine

My Sample Pack
I just received the sweetest little package in the mail today…

I ordered some baker’s twine about a week ago from a place called The Twinery. Colz and I had been brainstorming ways to package our new wares. We set our focus on giving our customers the experience of opening the perfect little parcel complete with vintagesque kraft paper and baker’s twine. The perfect compliment to our handmade stationery.

I have to say, I was excited about the purchase but was smitten with the lovliness of the twine when I opened up the package to see eight candy colored shades with names like “peapod”, and “pink sorbet.” I couldn’t resist modeling them on some of the notecards, there’s no doubt, this twine makes it.

Shot Gun Card with Orange & White Baker's Twine
Our “Hell Yeah (it’s your birthday) !!!” cards featuring “tangerine” twine

Poppy Card with Brown and White Baker's Twine
The Grey and Red Poppy Cards are looking good in “cappuccino.”

Happy Birthday Whale with Red and White Baker's Twine
“HBD Whale” is always looking awesome, but looks better with this “maraschino” shade.

A Perfect Parcel
And lastly our perfect parcel, all wrapped up and ready to go. Kraft paper wrapped in “caribbean” teal twine.

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  • Jerowen August 16, 2010

    Loved seeing you on Prudent Baby!

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