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Cabin Plan – Version I

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin
Hey buds, I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of blogging lately, I’ve been posting about once a week, and I will be the first to admit that the posts have been kinda lack luster. We have been busy with cabin things, there has been so much to do with inspections and appraisals and negotiations and furniture purchasing and so on. Sometimes I wish I could just talk about all cabin stuff all the time, but I’ve been holding it in because I didn’t want the deal to fall through. That being said, we feel pretty confident at this point that we will take ownership of this sweet space at the end of July.

Anywho, I’ve also had a lot of thoughts about blogging lately. I put weird pressures on myself to make the blog successful, like deep down I want to have a blog that lots of people like to read. I’m the type of person that always does a pretty good job at following through on my goals and one of them was to have DCHH have a piece of the diy-blog-pie. I think I’m coming to the realization that that will never be a thing (at least in the big league level), and that’s okay. The whole reason I have ever done this is because it makes me happy, I can do all the things that I like to do in one space here on the internets. It would be lying if I said that I wasn’t hoping that maybe it could be my part-time job. After thinking through what that entails though, I’ve realized that the marketing and strategizing is just not something I am good at. For starters, I suck at social media, just thinking about posting on instagram gives me anxiety. I feel like there is so much judgement and entitlement that goes along with the social-media-devouring-internet-machine these days, I can’t take the pressure – that’s not a diss on those who can either, it’s just too intense for me.

I’ve spent more time away over the past month, from everything including my phone, and I think that it was a good break. I feel way better and more creative when I have a healthy distance. Let me just wrap it up here with the fact that I love blogging when I have good projects to share, which happens to be not all the time. Just know that I’m always going to be trying to write about stuff, I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing, fixing shit up, taking photos and sharing. I hope my posts come across as insightful, inspiring, funny (hopefully) and littered with the best photographs that I can make.

Just wanted to say that, so on to the post.

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin
So, you guys ready to hear a lot about cabins? First of all, let me start by saying, that this cabin is supposed to = no stress. I mean, that’s kinda the whole point. That means I don’t plan on doing tons of revampin’ and renovating right off the bat. There is always a little something that can be done though, right? I think there is so much that can be done to this sweet space in a few easy, stress free steps. Let’s start with the first major thing. The carpet. Removing the carpet in the main living will totally change the whole vibe (and smell) of the place. Luckily there are hardwoods underneath, and even if they are in crappy shape, they will be so much better than this carpet.

Secondly, the furniture layout is really jumbled. Not a ton will be changing, but what does change will make the space feel so much better! Like adding a sectional to the space instead of a reg sofa will help to make a social hang area and visually break up the space between the dining room, fireplace and sofa zone. I’ve already ordered a sofa (yes in white, slipcover to come at a later point) and found a knock-off womb chair on CL for a steal. The place comes furnished so the existing furniture will take a trip down to the basement to make a substantial kid zone.

I plan on painting the mid-century dining chairs that come with the cabin a flat black to give them that modern windsor chair sort of feel, they have the right lines for it. I picked up a used table with clean lines from a friend, it comes with leaves for when we are hosting lots of folks. It will be perfect. I love that there is a small bar in the kitchen for the kids. We’ve already bought ourselves a set of four black stools from Ikea that are adjustable height. Can’t wait to make those weirdos breakfast while they wait at the counter. Baah, so stoked!

That’s basically what will happen for the rest of the summer. In the winter, we’ll start doing some painting/whitewashing of the paneling – if it feels right. A coat of white paint will really brighten the space up. Cabins and tongue and grove wood is cool and all, but panelling everywhere isn’t necessary. I think we’ve both agreed to live with the panelling for a bit, just to make sure we are making the right decision. However, my gut tells me that white paneling feels like a pretty cool idea.

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin Plans for a Midwestern Cabin

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin
The kitchen is cute r n, but would be instantly transformed with a new coat of paint and some hardware. To start, I’d love to dark green cabinets on the lower and white on the uppers. Also remove the row of cabinets above the counter that are hung from the ceiling to open the whole space up.

Eventually it might look really awesome, and be pretty inexpensive to take down the upper cabs, subway tile the walls, an add open shelving. Gotta live with it a bit, but the gears in my old middle-age brain are already start to be creek into motion.

Think green my friends! That will be the color of the day around this cabin and will range in shades from dark hunter green to an olive-drab army green and most likely a gray green on the stairs.

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin
The bedrooms! The main floor bedroom (the biggest room) will become a bunk room instead of a master. This space makes the ideal bunk room, especially since it could potentially fit up to 5 or 6 kids. I’ll make it real cozy and the kids will love it, I swear. The upper windows will be so perfect for a look-out for the kids on the upper bunk. Each bed will have it’s own reading lights, we’ll stock the place with tons of books, games and cabin toys.

Upstairs will be two identical bedrooms that will both fit a snug queen bed. Although it will be tight, it will fit and I think it could be kind romantic like in the idyllic sort of way, not in the makeout sort of way, although it could be used in that way too. I always like being in a small bedroom, and I think these rooms will feel QAF (the ‘Q’ stands for QUAINT). Eventually it would be great to paint at least part of the panelling in these rooms white to make it feel more bright. They are both on the darker side of the house, and although they are small they don’t need to feel like caves. Bedding does come with the house, but I’ve already filled up two carts at Ikea with new white bedding including down inserts, and pillows for both bedrooms. How ’bout dem windows? I can just imagine the breeze on a summer night.

Minimal, this will be my minimalist dream cabin.

Alright thanks for listening. I’m excited to share more in the coming weeks, especially after we actually get the keys. Don’t want to do too much dreaming just in case, so cross your fingers for us.

And thanks for sticking with me :)

Plans for a Midwestern Cabin
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  • Molly June 24, 2017

    I think you should paint the two gable-end walls all the way to the ceiling. Despite the difference in paneling direction, I think this will make it feel more like one cohesive space and less like a room with a hat.

    • Scoops June 25, 2017

      Hey Molly, Thanks for the suggestion. We will see. The ceiling and beams are really nice quality tongue and grove wood, that’s why I said we are going to live with it for a bit before we follow through on painting. I think it would be possible to paint the paneling without making the entire ceiling white and still have it feel like a cohesive space. If anything, I think it would showcase the ceiling even more, which would be good because it’s pretty. The sketchup does a bad job of rendering these sorts of feels.

  • Caroline Royce June 24, 2017

    I know what you mean about the blogging. My blog doesn’t have anywhere the readership yours does but I still try to sort of market it as one that does, and that makes me feel ridiculous and self conscious sometimes. Especially with how much is going on in the country right now, like, how white and bougie do I look trying to peddle my blog about buying west elm furniture??? But ultimately I love blogging for my own sake, and I like your blog because it has that same attitude like, “hey this is mostly for me, ok?”

    Hopefully that makes sense. I’m excited to see you make over a cabin. I wish I could do the same!

    • Stacey W June 24, 2017

      I would like to read your white bougie blog, as I need more escapes from the horrors happening in this country right now. One can only fight so many hours a day, ya know?

    • Scoops June 25, 2017

      Hey Caroline, I know that you have commented a bunch, but I never realized you had a blog. I just followed along on bloglovin. You nailed my feelings exactly. Not only is it the state of the country, but stuff like my own middle age realizations, like you only get one life, and do I really need to spend it talking (and stressing about writing a post) about furniture on the internet, especially when it’s not my job? To clarify, I can only speak for myself, but it I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to talk about these things to keep up a readership if I’m not myself excited about it. That’s all on me, I was putting myself in that position, I still want to be able to write a post about something that I love, but only if I am feeling it. Does that make sense? So many feelings involved with this one. Thanks for you comment!

  • Beth June 24, 2017

    i like the idea of white to the tippy-top roofline. And I like the minimalist attitude. Everyone will feel less stress with less clutter….. and need I mention the “art” in the first floor bedroom? Buh-bye to that!

    • Scoops June 25, 2017

      Yes! Maybe a minimalist lifestyle with transfer to my home life too…

      • Gracie July 12, 2017

        I think you should save at least one art piece… like a truth window, and a connection to the good times a family must have had in this lovely cottage.

  • Bridget Wall June 24, 2017

    You do you. We love seeing what you’re up to, but it should be fun, not anxiety-inducing. :)

    Love these plans! And the layout of this A-frame is so great: just enough space for everything.

  • Tara C June 24, 2017

    I love your blog! Please don’t ever stop. You’re so real and so darn capable! You make things feel possible. Plus your style is so you and great.

    • Scoops June 25, 2017

      Hey Tara! No, I will never stop blogging! I started back in 2004 and it’s basically become like a diary to me. It’s different when no one but your friends reads what you are up to though, when I started it was just for fun, and I want it to stay just for fun if it’s not my job. I actually think that there should be more just for fun blogging out there in the world, that was always my favorite stuff to read anyways.

  • Stacey W June 24, 2017

    First and foremost, unless you have at least 7 doctors give you a weak smile and say either “yeah, that’s common for you age, nothing you can do about it” or “yeah, that comes with perimenopause” I suggest you cut the middle-age crap. Unless, of course, I am actually writing this from the g-d grave.

    Now, if you don’t blog all cabin, all the time, I won’t be able to live vicariously through you, and isn’t that part of the point of reading blogs? I say yes. We are talking cabin, but that’s at least 3 years away in our financially responsible world. I need to live though yours.

    Finally, we rented a cabin last summer that had similar paneling, and it really grew on us. There’s something so simplistic about it, it demands relaxation. However, I do like the idea of painting some of the walls as an accent. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • Scoops June 25, 2017

      Hey Stacey! Totally get your sentiment, but I actually embrace the middle-age stuff a little bit. I feel more thoughtful, with-it, and smarter and in-tune than I ever have, so I didn’t mean for it to sound like a diss or a crutch, I meant to have it sound like “this is just where I am now”.

      The dream of the cabin is real! I’m glad you are thinking about it too. I felt like it would never be possible for us. I think for some people they might upgrade to a bigger or better house, but for us we decided to upgrade to owning another property. I will post an annoying amount about the cabin, if anything, I wanted people (aka blog readers) to be ready for the crap that was about to spew from my mouth about how I think about cabins all of the time.

      Yes, the paneling! I am not against it, and am excited to see it with more neutral furniture choices and a wood floor, I am totally open to it growing on us. It’s pretty for wood paneling – it’s not the cheap stuff. I think we will have to paint a few walls white in the upper bedrooms for sure, just to lighten it up, but not sure about the main-living area.

      • Stacey W June 25, 2017

        I’m rolling on to 45, and I LURVE being in my 40s. I finally feel like I have some crap together, ya know? Unfortunately, perimenopause has been a complete shit-show and every day has become a struggle for the old bod. Oh to have my 20-year-old body with my 40-year-old mind!!

  • Marti June 25, 2017

    Gah, this cabin is going to be amazing! Love your plans, and love that you’ll take your time with the renovating/redecorating.

    Thanks so much for being transparent about your plans and concerns re: blogging. TBH, I was really surprised to read that you’re not on track to go big league. Your blog is the most impressive semi-pro blog I read – your photo and website quality, taste, skills, and overall radness is really inspiring. So, if you can’t snatch a piece of that blog pie, I feel equal parts bummed and relieved: bummed because you deserve it, if that’s what you want, and relieved because it means I could never monetize my own piddly blog and I don’t have to feel like should/maybe could.

    Good luck with the cabin closing!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Hey Marti! First of all thank you, can’t wait to share this blog! Secondly, I feel you on all of the blog things. I’d love to be a part of the big league, but I think I’ve come to terms with not having enough time/gutz/skill (marketing wise) to make it that. If it ever happens organically wouldn’t that be so sweet(?!), but I think the time of that sort of blogging has come and went. I’m glad to see that there are still bloggers like doorsixteen and manhattan-nest that have a huge following, but don’t feel like they have to blog all of the time – hood role models. P.S. I did start monetizing sidebar ads for adsense, and it has been just enough to pay my $50 a month wordpress guru dude. That’s all I need :)

  • Liz June 25, 2017

    I love your plans for the cabin, and your attitude about blogging. I appreciate that you don’t churn out content just for the sake of keeping readers entertained, and some of my favorite blogs post infrequently. Who doesn’t feel delighted when there’s finally a post on Manhattan Nest, ya know? I hope you enjoy the snot out of your summer!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      My favorite blogs are manhattan-nest and doorsixteen! I get it! I get more excited about their posts than anyone else’s. I am so excited to share more cabin stuff! I am a cabin person at heart, and I am really too excited about talking about it lots.

  • Jennifer June 26, 2017

    It’s fun to see you cabin decor plans! Painting some of the paneling eventually looks like the right call. And I don’t like painted wood, usually. (wood purist snob me:)…A sectional opens it up well for everyone to hang out and good traffic flow. The plan looks like a great modern north woods chic, if that’s a thing. If you do paint, have you considered a warm, light grey? For some reason, that popped into my head when I saw the pictures. And I agree it would be a shame to paint the lovely wood. Painting paneling is another story.:)
    On the blogging topic, I love home design. It’s my primary personal hobby. I refinish furniture, change the layout, and try to make things but I can’t imagine blogging that. Your thoughts about blogging are very understandable. Personally, I follow many of the design bloggers nationally. Many of them seem to be in the same mental space you are. It’s valid to ponder. I enjoy that you’re local and relatable. Your posts often inspire me in a very doable way, not something that in unachievable…If that means anything. At what point does hobby become business and vice versa.While I appreciate what many bloggers do, sometimes they lose that accessibility when a reader can’t imagine doing a similar project themselves. It’s a hard balance, I’m sure. I do love that your garden posts are in the same zone, if I want to look for similar plants. You have a lovely home that you’ve made yourselves over time. :)

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Hi Jennifer! I think you bring up some good questions. For myself personally, I have a personality that is constantly comparing myself to others – if I can be honest, I’m probably hoping to be the top-dog when it comes to doing anything (that includes playing casual card games with friends), and I feel really bummed when I can’t achieve that. In this situation I feel like I have done really well, and am really happy with the place that it’s (the blog) at right now. That being said, I can’t deny that I feel what defines a successful blogger these days is being able to supplement your career, if not just have blogging be your career. For me, I’d love to have that success in a readership, and a point of view that people loved to read about, BUT I’m just not good at marketing myself in that way.

      Thanks for you comments on the cabin, I can’t wait to see the paneling and wood with new furniture in the space, I think that will be the decider when it comes to paint. No matter what, it will be the best place, sure of that ;)

  • Winnie G June 26, 2017

    Honestly, I cannot even pinpoint when I started following you but its been awhile….maybe when you took that weird corner out of your bedroom? And I have no plans to stop. I love catching up on what you are working on and the way you ‘talk’ to us. I blog as well…mostly for myself and my far away family, anyone else that joins in is just gravy.
    Also – we are on our way to purchasing a cabin as well! AHHH!! We rent until the end of the year and then we will be closing. The family has had the cabin since the 30’s so we are moving slowly.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the cabin….it’s going to be great!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Yes! So excited for you and your cabin! I know how it feels like such an unachievable feat, but at the same time all it takes is a decision to make it happen in your life, saving, and give and take in the budget to make it happen. I just checked in on your blog, and I am happy for you to end up in NoDak, plus you have a white truck which sounds sweet. That’s next on my to-do list, trade in the station wagon for a truck or something equivalent. Have a happy holiday weekend at your new place!

  • Jenny June 26, 2017

    I’m a long time reader, but haven’t commented often. However, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. Mostly because you’re just you. I read a lot of DIY/design blogs, but yours feels the most real to me. I hope that you can find a balance between life and blogging that works for you. And I hope that you keep posting because I’m dying to see what you do with the cabin!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Hey Jenny! I already know that I will never stop blogging, Imma have to set up a trust or something for it to live on after I’m old and my kids and their kids can read it. This is how future diaries will work. Thanks for chiming in, it means so much to me that there is something here that you guys enjoy reading about. Can’t wait to share more about the cabin, just counting down the days for closing, and then there will be so many cabin posts coming your way :)

  • Annie June 26, 2017

    love the cabin updates! I’ve always been team #nevercabin, but you are tempting me toward the dark side!! :)

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      If you’re team #nevercabin, that means you’re thinking about it…

  • Tisha June 26, 2017

    I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago and I have to say that I like the current frequency of your posts. I don’t have all the time to read daily posts and often let those blogs go because they cause ME stress seeing all the unread posts in my reader! I really enjoy the posts you do because they apply to my house, too, and get me thinking about what I can do.

    Also, THANK YOU for deciding to take some time before you make drastic changes to your cabin (I know it will be yours!). I wonder if maybe getting rid of all the colors that are currently in the furniture will make the all wood interior look amazing – a good contrast between the greens and the whites you’re planning. Also, if the hardwood floors are crap, you could paint those and that would help with the monotone wood, I would think.

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Hey Tisha! Totally get the unread posts thing, I fee that way about the internet in general. Maybe that’s my selling point ;)

      Yes, I agree that just toning down the cabins space will change it drastically. If I take my finger and I lay it over all that crazy cabin furniture in the photos, it changes drastically. You are speaking my language, lady! Jeff and I are happy to live with crappy hardwood before carpet, and if they really suck a good option would be to paint them white.

  • Rachel June 26, 2017

    I love you and I love your blog. Keep it up. I’m happy to read everyday, every week, once a month or once a year! Thanks for sharing your site with us! I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you regarding the cabin!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Awh, Thanks Rachel. That was really nice of you to say, and means a lot to me. Seriously, thanks!

  • Sheree June 27, 2017

    I’m beyond jealous, this place looks amazing and you have a great eye for transforming the space without going too crazy with paint. I’m with out it seems like “a shame” as the old folks would say to paint that tongue and groove but whitewashing the paneling makes sense. I love that you’re putting the existing furniture downstairs too- don’t forget the old timey Super Mario games and disco lights! I don’t suppose you’re going to Air BNB it??

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      I would never paint the tongue and grove, it’s just the lower panelling that I am questioning, and even that I will live with for awhile. Don’t forget, I live in a house full of dark hardwood and have never painted it, no matter how badly I have wanted to. Now I like that dark quarter-sawn wood, and wouldn’t change it.

      Yes! We are already planning on “investing” in a sega genesis for the rainy days. There is a chance of renting it in the future, but we need to get it “right” before we decide to go for making it a rental.

  • jana June 27, 2017

    jesus christ. there aren’t enough heart eyes in the world for this post! i didn’t even know just how much i needed a cabin in my life until now… only, can i just live there full-time?

    also, i’ll totally never understand why you haven’t made it big in the blog world because i’ve anxiously awaited each new post since the day i came across this site & loved it enough to start from the beginning. marti up top said it so perfectly with “Your blog is the most impressive semi-pro blog I read – your photo and website quality, taste, skills, and overall radness is really inspiring.”
    & i tooootally get the social media thing though. it seems like so much of the blogging world relies on instagram posts nowadays & i don’t think i could do it either. it can remind me of highschool on those comment sections sometimes & who the hell has time for that shit anymore?!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Thanks so much, Jana! I wasn’t hunting for enthusiasm from you guys, but man, do comments like yours make me feel good about the whole blogging situation. Thank you! I try, I try, and I try. It means a lot for you to comment on the aesthetic of it all because I try and make that as good as the rest of it. Instagram is overwhelming. I am glad they have the stories because I feel like you don’t have to be that pro there, but at the same time, who knows how long that feeling will last? I feel like you can’t post a photo unless you cover all your bases though. I should probably get over that, but it’s so hard!

  • Kari June 27, 2017

    I, like most of your readership, have read just about every DIY and/or design blog out there. At this point I honestly get just as big a thrill out of unfollowing a blog on Bloglovin as I do in discovering a new one. My curated feed gives me KonMari levels of joy! I realized recently however, that my super high standards for reading has left me with a long list of big time bloggers that used to be so relatable. I don’t mind their success – it’s great content – but I recognize I’m the typical blog frog who sat in the pot until the water boiled.
    Every time I read one of your posts I’m refreshed. You produce super excellent content that I don’t have to filter. You’re one of the only bloggers whose style preferences line up (so closely) with mine and whose content isn’t one big ad. Your blog quality is easily on par and often exceeding other big name sites.
    Please keep bringing what you have to the table. It’s truly worthwhile and because of that, I’ll be here forever following along with one of the interwebz semi-hidden gems.
    Also: CABIN (!!!)

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      I too get super excited when there are new blogs out there. I love reading them and feeling inspired by ideas and design aesthetic. I’d love to know what a few of your new favorites are. I don’t mind the big bloggers successes either, I am only disappointed that I absorb it more like I do my instagram feed, skim, like, notice, and for the most part, pass-it-by. I love devouring a good blog and referencing it for future projects and inspiration.

      Regarding your 2nd paragraph, THANK YOU! Knowing that it means something to people means so much to me! I will keep bringing what I have to the table but I as trends and lifestyles constantly change can’t guarantee anything. I will be there blogging about whatever. I hope I can bring more of the “whatever” back to the blog. I used to write more about my kids, my family and what I was inspired by on the day-to-day, and I’d like to do more of that in the fall when the kids are back in school. I know that there are a few other bloggers out there thinking of purchasing a second home (aka cabin) and I can’t wait to read about their adventures. There aren’t a lot of good cabin-lovin’ blogs out there, at least I don’t know of them.

  • Alyssa June 28, 2017

    your blog is my favorite, so I’m relieved you’re not going to quit! I’m also glad to hear you’re going to set some boundaries for yourself so you can keep it enjoyable. I’m excited to see how it evolves, especially with your amazing cabin on the horizon!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      No defeat, baby no surrender!
      -Bruce Springsteen

      I am excited to share the things that just feel the best, it will be good. I think it shows when I feel more excited about things. Hope you guys are okay with all the cabin posts, and just maybe a few life posts too.

  • kj June 29, 2017

    This cabin is so stinkin’ cute! I saw this post on Emily Henderson’s blog this morning and thought of you and your cabin, because there are a bunch of pictures of homes with natural wood ceilings: https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/modern-design-trends-inspired-dwell-design. I started reading your blog a long time ago when I was looking for ideas of what to do with my home’s natural wood trim–it really can be difficult to resist painting at times!

    • Scoops June 29, 2017

      Hello! Yes! This EH post is spot on. I totally get what Molly said (up above), but I think there could be a way to paint the lower lower part of the vaulted ceiling room and still not have it look like the ceiling look like a “hat”. The photos that I shared are just the real-estate listing photos, and in real life they look much better, and higher quality (aka non-paintable).

      Wood trim is so hard, it’s been a battle in our home, but I am glad that I experimented with paint colors to compliment the trim, and light colored window coverings and furniture to brighten up the space. I hope you found success in your space too, it’s possible!

  • Shannen June 30, 2017

    To be honest, I don’t know how you do it all! You’re like a powerhouse of DIY! After that bathroom remodel, I was like… What is she gonna do next?! WTF? You’re an amazing woman, and you could probably blog about building a birdbath or slug control in your garden and it would be good!
    You’re cabin project is going to be amazing, and I thank you in advance for taking us on your journey

    • Scoops July 13, 2017

      Awh, Thanks Shannen! I admit that I am a busy body, but I think we all need a balance of busy and down time to keep an even keel. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, and I just need a reminder to slow down before I get overwhelmed. This cabin is our dream, I feel very lucky that we get to do this, and I am excited to share as we go! Thanks!

  • the lady July 3, 2017

    Coming to the post late to echo the rest. You have such an amazing blog. I’ve used lightbulb guides, went and bought heuchera (sp?) for my garden and the other no light plants you featured once, to name just a few. I have to admit I have wondered why there are not as many comments and interaction and stuff from readers like other blogs, because you are right up there talent-wise with Nest and D16 in my opinion. I think you are right, there is a LOT of behind the scenes and linking, and networking, and featuring, and general schmoozing and cross referencing etc that goes on, and if you dont have the time to devote to that right now, that makes so much sense! I love your writing style, your aesthetic, your hard work and your results. I think you should be making more money. Find some cabin sponsors and work it! When school starts, and there’s less on your plate!! :))) I want my faves to make $$$ sorry if that makes me an unapologetic capitalist, but I want you to get that paper!! :))))))

    • Scoops July 13, 2017

      Coming to your comment a bit late! Lollzing at your comment (in a good way)! Maybe someday I’ll get that paper. I am not a very good entrepreneur, maybe I need a manager or something. It does my heart good to be compared to my two favorites, especially when you combine in the word “talent”. Thanks for saying so!

  • Kerri July 3, 2017

    Thank you for such an honest and insightful post!

    Your plans for the cabin are so handsome (I think that’s an appropriate description?) and cozy.

    We purchased our own little lakefront cabin last summer that is undergoing a renovation right now and I cannot wait to get to the point where we will be finalizing paint colours and finally making it look pretty! It’s been great to see someone else putting together a cottage/ cabin that actually feels like something attainable to us in this time of our lives (mid 30s, two young kids) and our tiny budget :)

    • Scoops July 13, 2017

      Hey Kerri! Congrats on your cabin, and yes, I think handsome is the appropriate word. Cabins are supposed to be a bit more masculine, don’t ya think? I wish you had a blog so I could see what you’re up to. There is an underwhelming amount of real life cabin inspiration out there. Most cabin interiors are still being done-up with the same old bear upholstered furniture, log frame beds, and antler lamps. Sounds like we are on the same page with having a more simplified (aka budget-friendly) cabin aesthetics.

      PS I like antlers and bears as much as the next guy, but in small subtle amounts.

  • Rose July 4, 2017

    I very rarely comment on anything (on any blog – I’m terrible really, just a thankless consumer), but just wanted to say that I love seeing your posts pop up in my feed. Your writing and epic DIY skills always make for a lovely read :)

    • Scoops July 13, 2017

      Rose! Thanks for commenting, sorry that it took me so long to get a reply to you. It makes me so happy to read that you enjoy the blog, thanks for taking the time to say so!

  • Moe August 22, 2017

    Alright, I know I’m late to the game here, but I’m not usually one to comment so… you say you want to paint the walls white to brighten the space up (and that would like fine), but it appears to be really bright as is. (Maybe thats just the power of good photography tho). If the space is in fact as bright as it appears here, then I think the space would look amazing with flat black walls. It would make the white kitchen subway tile and the sofa really pop! Please don’t paint the ceiling or beams though :)
    Also: I love your design aesthetic/style – if you ever tire of bloggin please keep posting images to your Instagram! Thanks.

  • Sarah Sivright August 26, 2017

    Dear Alison,
    My parents built the cabin over 50 years ago ( we had a cabin birthday party celebration this July) and it’s fantastic to think a family with children is enjoying it once again. My children and grandchildren have made wonderful memories there, as you are doing already. It looks gorgeous! And you’re right about the “mid-century” chairs–glad you kept them. I’d love to stay in touch if you’re open to that–AFTER the kids start school :) There’s a very cool fort in the woods just off the driveway–maybe your children have found it already!
    Sarah Sivright

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