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We’re so excited, we finally get to start working on the stationery for our first wedding! Here is one of the final ideas for Allison & Jamie’s save the dates (or as we like to say STD’s, oh man does that joke goes a long way.) Allison and Jamie are getting married next summer in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We experimented with a few different themes when it came to these STD’s and the bride and groom decided on this simple and elegant card with yellow boats. We’d love to take credit for choosing the colors but this was all Allison & Jamie.

Allison & Jamie Save The Dates
We are so amped about these STD’s that we can barely wait to start printing them. Our screens and ink should be arriving in the mail any day now and then we are going to go to town on these babies!

Please don’t hesitate if you, or someone you know would be interested in talking to us about their wedding plans. Email us HERE! We love doing this and get a total kick our of it.


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