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Dining Room Built In
Let me introduce you to my latest problem. This is the dining room in my house, and it is full of woodwork, It covers 2/3’s of the walls on all 4 sides, covers the radiators, and then there is this built in buffet. I do realize that it is beautiful but now that I’ve been living with it for over 6 months I can’t tell you how much it bugs me. First of all, paint changes shades throughout the day when it butted up against these grains. This grey paint color called “anonymous” takes on a purple hue the later the day gets and it drives me B-A-N-A-N-A-S (I’ve painted the room 3 different shades of grey since moving in in March). Secondly it looks old, and It’s hard to make it look modern, sometimes I just want to paint it white so badly. Don’t worry I won’t do it, I know that it would be a sin beyond all sins, but still I can’t help but think of how much more I would enjoy the space if it was just white and bright.

I was in despair and then I saw this:

Vestibule wallpapered
Photo by Leah @ HouseObsession on Flickr.

Can’t you just image what this wallpaper by Orla Kiely would do to my wood paneled room? I think it could be amazing, and currently it is all I can think about. I’ve never wallpapered anything so I am a little afraid to jump in, I feel like I should sleep on it for awhile, but oh man, do I love it.

Day Dreaming
So, I couldn’t resist, I photoshopped it in to my dining room and added my favorite pendant lamp from CB2. What do you think? I’m kind of loving it. Colz, what do you think, I know you’ve got something to say about this.

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