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Blue, I Love You.

Dark Blue Interiors
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Friends! I love dark blue. Did you know this about me? Well it’s very true. I always thought my favorite color was green, but I don’t think that holds up anymore. Although I love almost every shade of green, blue is my true BFF color.

With the fall being all like “hey, I’m chilly and gray and I’m taking all your day light away”, I’m all like “this fall business sure makes me feel cozy, I think I might sleep a lot and watch a bunch of tv, and oh for some reason I like the color blue a lot.”

Anyway. I like blue, I like it in my home, and I don’t want a single room to be without it, and I’m fine with that. Here are a few of my recent blue favs.

Do you have a color that you just can’t resist liking?

Dark Blue Interiors
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Dark Blue Interiors
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In other Scoops News™: I’m keeping a PMA. I’ve been pretty busy lately doing really boring stuff and I figured you probably didn’t need a post with photos on how I cleaned my washing machine and figured out to actually do laundry the right way. I’ve also made a few super delish meals, including a birthday celebraish feast last friday evening (for some guy I know that is turning 34) that included homemade ravioli and squid ink pasta. Anyway, doing all this mundane homemaker crap is really making me feel good and centered. Yay for routines!

In the coming weeks I’m gonna start tackling a few bigger items, and I’m ready. So. Ready.
I’ve got the fall gardening itch – I’ve been working on restructuring the foundation garden in the front of our house – I’ll have more to share on that this week. I’ve got to do the dreaded-fall-garden-tidying to get ready for that white stuff. Also, I kinda can’t stand my fence stain, after a summer soaking up the sun it’s look very brownish-orangeish and I think it needs one last coat of dark, dark stain.

Although I love our kitchen table, I think it’s time for an updated piece of furniture. I’ve got plans in the works for a new custom tabe (aka table) on the cheap. Oh and then there is that basement-project-thing that is still waiting on me to finish the stairs, countertops, floating shelves and the entire bathroom.

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  • Rachel September 30, 2015

    Ok, stupid question time: What’s a PMA? (It must be really obvious, but I tried googling it and that didn’t help.)
    Blue has been my favorite color ever since I can remember. The exact shade varies, but it’s always blue.

    Does this mean you’re thinking of repainting? If so, I highly recommend Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue. http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/vandeusenblue It’s on the walls in our living/dining room, and I love it.

    • Scoops October 2, 2015

      Hey Rachael – Sorry about the abbreviaish. I think only midwestern middle school teachers use this, it stands for: Positive Mental Attitude!
      No painting for me, although I do like that blue, just more blue stuff. I have to re-upholster a seat for the bench in the basement and I’m seeing it as an opportunity to add some more blue to the house.

  • Tina Batori, love slate blues too. September 30, 2015

    Same as above. Love your dark blues

  • Paula Cothren September 30, 2015

    Well, Scoops, as a matter of fact I do have a color I just can’t resist right now. It’s mid-century orange! I’m like, “You’re mid-century orange but where have you been all my life?” I am really digging the mid-century orange with all kinds of blue. I love your blue rad. And that blue sectional has that Moroccan mystique going on. Love the post! Apparently blue equals love today.

    • Scoops October 2, 2015

      Oooh, I had a love affair with orange once too – so I get it! Now I love that light peachy color with a hint of pink. Blue is orange’s complimentary color so maybe that is what attracts us to the combination.

  • Ally October 1, 2015

    While I do love me some navy blue, I will always be a pink lady. This blush pink trend has me going all kinds of broke! ;)

    • Scoops October 2, 2015

      Yuuup! I especially love the blush navy combo – if you couldn’t tell by the site design ;) I had never been a pink girl, but then I was introduced to blush…

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