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Ikea Stockholm 2017

Ikea Stockholm 2017 Collection
STOCKHOLM armchair $149 cushion $80
Hey, I might be a little late to the party, but the new Ikea Stockholm collection that was announced a few weeks back (in case you didn’t know!). I am totally into and inspired by the vibes coming through on this collection due to arrive in April. I love the introduction of the blonde rattan (sustainably sourced too) and ash, especially when it comes to that comfy-looking chair, and cabinet. Everything about the chairs is getting to me, I’m super into the way the rattan is woven together to make really interesting negative spaces, and the seats are low and deep and look so inviting. Is it just me, or would a pair of those arm chairs be the perfect addition to our front porch? Depending on the size, I think yes. The sofa looks pretty great too don’t cha think? It comes in a pretty blue and neutral moody gray – now if only they had a sectional version.

ps I’m doing some editing on the code over the next few days so if you notice any funny business, just try and ignore it. Thanks for your patience!

Ikea Stockholm 2017 Collection
STOCKHOLM 2017 cabinet $349

Ikea Stockholm 2017 Collection

Ikea Stockholm 2017 Collection
STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa $1299

Ikea Stockholm 2017 Collection
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  • Oh my gosh, I’ll take one of everything.

  • Jeanne Dugan March 8, 2017

    Help, I can’t find this chair on the website!

    • Scoops March 8, 2017

      They aren’t releasing the new Stockholm line until April :)

  • Maran Buck March 19, 2017

    I need that cabinet and that chair!! Love the ash wood – I’ve been hoping they would introduce some more interesting finishes to their line. And on a side note – did you get a kick out of their use of the word ‘homely’? Describing their desire to make their Stockholm collection more ‘homely’ made me laugh a bit :) Lost in translation!

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