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Personalized Stationery

Custom Stationery for Mom
I am excited to share my latest adventure in Gocco printing. My dear old mom had back surgery last month and I knew it was going to be a hard and long recovery for her. For Christmas I made her this set of custom stationery so that she could keep up with correspondence while she healed. She’s always been known for being an avid gardener and I thought including her own little garden on the stationery would be fitting for her. I choose a robin’s egg blue note card as a background for this field of white blooms outlined and detailed with dark brown ink.

Custom Stationery: Envelope Front & Back
I was able to repeat the design on this kraft paper envelope and include her name on the back of it for an even more custom look. This set of 50 should help her pass the days (and stay in touch) until she’s back on her feet.

Custom Stationery for Mom
We recently added this custom stationery to our etsy store, and we can personalize it to fit you or a friends name. Here’s the link for more info. If you’d like us to custom design stationery for you (from scratch) please email us at contact@thehenhousepress.com

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  • Jacinda February 9, 2011

    This is beautiful! Is it going in the shop?

  • Scoops February 9, 2011

    Thanks Jacinda,
    To answer your question, yes it will be added to the etsy shop by the end of this week, and can be personalized to fit any name.


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