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Welcome to my latest project: planning this new kid’s future nursery! Heck yes. Here’s how the story goes: When Finn was in my stomach we were in the midst of selling a loft-style condo in Saint Paul with no rooms (except for the bathroom), which in turn allowed for NO nursery and therefore NO nursery planning. Back then, the only thing that Finn needed was his crib. We didn’t have any room or space for any other furniture, so I feel like I kind of missed out on the whole excitement of getting a nursery ready for a baby. When we moved from the loft into a rental house I wasn’t able to paint in Finn’s new room and we didn’t want to buy any furniture for it and not have it fit in the next house (that we would own), so we made due with what we had. Are you getting where I am going with this? Now that we’ve got our new house and a real bedroom for this kid I finally have my chance to really go balls to the wall (yes, I said that) on this one.

Nursery GIRL Version
I’ve had ideas about what I’ve wanted to do in nursery since the days when Finn was a little dude. My big problem now is that I don’t know what kind of babe (i.e. what style, boy or girl) I’m having yet, but I should be able to find out in a few short/long weeks! I am really gunning for a girl, but in case things turn out differently I want to be prepared and excited for a boy. So I’ve come up with two similar but different plans for both a girl’s vintage nursery and a boy’s manly grey-on-grey nursery.

Above is what I envision for a girl baby. A turquoise wall accented by yellow fabrics and accessories. What makes it girly? The feminine yellow Heather Bailey Fabric, the white Jenny Lind crib, the vintage light fixture, and the cute but not too cute yellow artwork and accessories.

Nursery BOY Version in Grey
And this is what would make this nursery dude-ish; light grey walls, accented with simple geometric fabrics, a grey Oeuf crib, as well as a modern dresser and light fixture will make it less girly and more boy. The accents will remain yellow and white, just as with the girl’s nursery but instead of a vintage look will be more bold and modern. And since you can’t have just grey on grey this room will have to be amped up with little pops of red and turquoise colors as represented by the back of the quilt, as well as the diagonal printed fabric.

There are some things that will remain the same in both nurseries of course. For one, I’d love to find a white owl lamp to sit atop the dresser, as well as any other “functional” accessories that just say “kid.” Also, my Grandma (a master quilter) and I are planning on creating a similar looking baby quilt to the ones pictured above. Plus the furniture arrangement in both rooms will have to stay the same, thus similar but different white dressers.

Here’s where I’ve found some awesome inspiration. Oh what would I do without you flickr? Don’t you love this room?? I can just see my little girl in it now.

I found this nursery via meandwee.blogspot.com, please check it out if you’d like more details on this nursery.

Here is where I found some ideas for the boy nursery: thebline’s photostream on flickr. I’m in love with the Expedit bookshelf made into window bench and will be doing the same thing in this new one’s nursery as well.

I guess that’s all I got for now, I’m so excited for this new kid I just can’t wait! Stay tuned for more baby ideas and ramblings.

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